Fire your designer. Cancel your Photoshop subscription. I am about to demolish your design woes. Don’t actually sack your designer. Do cancel your Photoshop subscription. If you’re like me you never use it!

Demand for visual content has never been greater. Research shows social posts and blog posts perform better with images. What does this mean? Do we need to bombard designers with requests? No, we all need to become better designers.

Check out the tools below and elevate yourself to Picasso standards or at least high-quality knockoffs!

1. Use Design Templates

If you want better designs fast and cheap use PowerPoint templates. Now, some design divas will judge you, but personally, I’ve used them and no one has ever raised an eyebrow. HubSpot offers tonnes on everything from CTAs, to social banners to infographics, to everything in between. Some look crap. Some look great. Use at your own discretion.


– Infographic Templates

– SlideShare Templates

– Social Media Image Templates

– Call-to-Action Templates

 2. Say Ta DAAAA…With Canva

Canva does for design what Buzzsumo does for content marketing. It makes shit easy. Its drag and drop functionality lets you add images, text, shapes and backgrounds instantly. Plus it offers tonnes of templates and custom layouts. If you do one thing using Canva.

3. Image Color Picture

Avoid that awkward moment when you have to ask your colleague for the 100th time what are the HEX, RGB or HSV for a logo or image. Image Color Picture lets you upload an image then it tells you the digits.

4. COLOURlovers for loving colours

COLOURlovers is a community that creates palettes, patterns and colours. You can also create your own palette and play around with colours. It’s the perfect place for colour inspiration. Their PHOTOCOPA tool lets you upload an image then it will identify a set of matching of colours.

5. An iStock photo tells a 1000 words

Apologies for the clichéd sub-headline…But it is true. There’s no reason for low-quality images on websites or in social and blog posts. There are tonnes of good quality free image sites now. Check out:

– Death to Stock Photo

– Pixabay

– MorgueFile

6. Screenshot tools

Do you want to show off your product or site? Stop using Print Screen and Paint. Awesome Screenshot and Snagit make taking and editing screenshots a doddle.

7. What The Font?

As well has having a great name, What The Font lets you submit an image of fonts and it will relay to you what font type it is. Still not happy? You can send it to their forum where font nerds will debate with arousal its san serif or serif nature.

8. Sniply – Add CTAs to shared content

Not really a design tool but handy all the same. Sniply lets you add a CTA to content you’ve shared. Say what? You heard me. Check it out below…

We love Sniply so much that Mark wrote a whole post on it a while back…

 9. Create Infographics

Infographics can be time consuming and painful to create. Luckily is here to save the day. Pick from readymade editable templates to create smashing infographics. They have a big library of images you can choose from and you can upload your own. Other handy infographic tools include, and Piktochart.

10. Recitethis

Do you love an inspirational quote on a dreamy background?! If so, Recitethis is for you. It offers a range of cool templates and it’s very quick and easy to use.

I hope this helps quash some of your design woes. Do you know any good tools or tips? Please share. Leave a comment below.


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