If you are concerned about converting prospects to customers, creating the great content your personas need or getting that content picked up by the wider media…and let’s face it, who isn’t? Learn Inbound was the place to be on Wednesday night.

There were so many usable insights from all three speakers, it’s hard to choose, but here are 10 things that stood out for me:

Kirsty Hulse @kirsty_hulse

Kirsty Hulse - Many Minds

Conversion over content:

  • Optimise content for conversion:
    • Audit old content: what performed best?
    • Not hiding CTA’s: test this though!
    • Quality images: people aren’t going to buy if it doesn’t look pretty!
    • Show recommendations: stuff people might like to buy…
    • Signpost product pages: don’t feel you have to hide them away
  • Un-optimise some long-form content:
    It’s a scary thought but the idea is; rather than search returning long-form content when prospects are ready to buy, it returns your optimised product pages…see it makes sense!

Paddy Moogan @paddymoogan

Paddy Moogan - Aira

Content that works:

  • Use buyer journeys to create really useful content:

Map out a buyer’s journey and create content to answer questions they might have at each stage…simple and effective!

  • Check the kind of content that is shared in your industry:

Use Buzzsumo to make sure long form content is shared in your industry before investing in creating it!

A new tool for finding ideas for new content based on search results, it is even better when paired with Keywords Everywhere plugin on Chrome which allows you see search volume and cpc

  • Retargeting:

Retarget people based on their interests using Google tag manager

Lexi Mills @leximills

Lexi Mills - PledgeMusic

Content outreach and digital PR

  • Create scalable systems & processes for success:
    1. Say what no one else is saying: have a smart angle on a story or a quote from someone influential
    2. Give an exclusive
    3. Publish on your own site
    4. Push through social media
    5. Wider media pick up…watch links flow in
  • Don’t try to know everyone in the media:

Focus on getting to know business, trade and local publications. Also, understand how news desks work and what makes newsworthy content

  • Give journalists what they need for a story in terms of content and pictures
  • Use the female voice:

There’s no need to break out the helium here…sometimes a female point of view, particularly in a male-dominated industry is enough to make something newsworthy.

  • Be authentic:

Lexi combined her love of Prince with digital PR by bringing media contacts with her to a Prince concert. The results? Every journalist wrote something about their products over the following months….and Lexi got to see Prince and call it work!

There was so much more in the content last night what else would you add?

I’m already looking forward to the amazing line-up in April. Tickets are on sale now!

Sinead McNamee

I am a content marketer and strategist based in Dublin. Through my marketing agency background I discovered my passion for helping companies tell their story and find their online voice. I love a great story, photography and good coffee!

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