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So this post almost didn’t happen tonight! We are so busy putting the finishing touches to our first Learn Inbound event. We want it to be SUPER awesome (and it will be!).

In the interests of saving time, let’s get this week’s takeaway going!

15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing

This week was a monumental week for me. For the last two years, I have dreamt of writing a post for the HubSpot blog. This week, it happened! My very first post on the HubSpot blog is on the topic of Case Studies and how you can use them in your marketing. I offer no less than FIFTEEN different ways to do this (hey, once I started, I couldn’t stop!). I would be really interested to hear how you use case studies in your marketing. Have I missed out on anything? Let me know!

7 Tips for Increasing Your Click-Through Rates on Facebook

I am a MASSIVE fan of Facebook advertising. I know everyone gives out about Facebook and how much information it collects on people, but in all honesty – as a marketer – it makes advertising to people on Facebook nothing short of a dream (well I think so anyways, and I’ve done A LOT of it!). There are SO many smart ways to target your audience on Facebook. However, smart targeting will only get you so far. Now, while I usually prefer Jon Loomer for my Facebook tips, Neil Patel has put together this list of seven tips for increasing your CTRs on Facebook. If you’re new to Facebook Advertising, this is definitely a post you should bookmark.

6 Ways To Apply Your Twitter Data Analysis Findings

There have been some really great posts on the SocialBro blog since the New Year, but I think this one is my favourite so far (followed by this one on Twitter chats and this one on creating images). Twitter’s analytics dashboard has seen tonnes of updates over the last year and is getting better and better all the time. This post presents some great tips on how to use your Twitter data to improve your marketing. Check it out and let us know what you think!

How to Optimise Your SlideShare Deck for More Exposure

Using SlideShare in your marketing is an absolute no-brainer. SlideShare is an SEO-friendly platform (because Google indexes each presentation), and there is a MASSIVE pre-existing audience on SlideShare of over 60 million users you can tap into. SlideShare presentations are also easy to embed and share, and allow you to capture leads directly from the slides via a lead capture form. This great post from Social Media Examiner details how you can optimise your SlideShare deck for more exposure. It’s a must-read post, especially if you’re in B2B.

18 Expert Tips On How To Land An Inbound Marketing Job

Are you dying to get a job in inbound marketing? Thought so! We picked the brains of 18 inbound marketing experts and asked for their job searching tips for prospective inbound marketers. Mark got all their opinions into one blockbuster post that he hasn’t stopped raving about all week! What are your thoughts on it? Is it a post worth raving about? Have you interviewed for an inbound marketing job in the past, and if so what advice would you add?

So there you have it; your Friday Night Takeaway has been served!

Have a great weekend, and as always, happy inbounding!

Siobhán McGinty

I am Campaign Marketing Manager (EMEA) at HubSpot, Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist at Learn Inbound, and an experienced (& infinitely enthusiastic!!) inbound marketing specialist.

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