Happy Halloween to our community! I could be cheesy by saying you’re in for a spooky edition of Friday Night Takeaway this week…but I won’t. Or I could try out a Halloween themed joke – Who do vampires buy their cookies from? The Ghoul Scouts (it’s the best joke I’ve got)

Anyhow, here are this week’s Inbound Marketing Takeaways. I hope you get as many giggles, if not guffaws, out of them (or—dare I say—”cackles” or “howls”) as I did.

How Much of Your Blog Post Do People Actually See?

Picture this – You’ve just published your latest blog post after spending countless hours researching and compiling the piece. It appears to be receiving lots of traffic and you now look like a superstar to your manager. Sounds like a good day at work, right?

It could be better if you knew how to identify how much of your blog post is actually being read by your audience, and how effective the CTAs within your article have been at generating leads. This article by John Bonini walks you through the steps you need to take for setting up heat maps for your blog posts, as popularity is no indication of user engagement.

Six Reasons To Fire Your SEO Agency

Are you searching for an SEO agency in Ireland?. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of time digging through pages of search results to find a respectable one, as the first page of Google.ie for ‘SEO’ is dominated by low-quality results which I suggest you stay away from. So, what separates an excellent SEO practitioner or agency from one that may ultimately get your website penalised? Neil Patel details six reasons to fire your SEO agency which we couldn’t agree with more!

What SEOs Need to Know About Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity – Whiteboard Friday

Are you familiar with what semantic search entails? In simple terms, it’s search engines ability to understand what we meant to search for, rather than us having to enter an explicit phrase into the search bar. But how exactly does it work? In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand walks us through the basics of how entities are connected in search.

8 Data-Driven Tips for Using Images in Blog Posts

Did you know that articles with images in them get 94% more total views than articles without them? Before you get too excited by jamming as many photos as possible into your newest blog post, Neil Patel reminds us that this is dependent on the type of photos you use and the context of them in relation to the article you’re writing. Read on for eight tips on how to get the most out of images in your blog post. You won’t be disappointed.

7 Content Marketing Tips For When You Lack Time & Resources

Let’s be honest with ourselves, just for one minute. We often hear about the importance of content marketing as it helps to improve the organic visibility of a website, assists with generating leads and ultimately helps to generate sales. However, there’s one problem a lot of us have yet to overcome which is that many of us are not naturally skilled at writing great content. Maybe you have the smarts to understand a topic to a comprehensive level, but you may struggle to get across your expertise when you write an article about it.

Content curation is a great tactic for marketers who lack the resources and ability to compile lots of great original content on a regular basis. Check out this great article on Marketing Land to find out how to get started.

Followerwonk – Twitter Analytics Made Easy [Tool Time Wednesday]

This week’s Tool Time Wednesday was on Followerwonk, an essential social media tool that allows you to identify influential people to build relationships with on Twitter. If you have a Moz PRO account then you can check out all of the features it has to offer, but if you haven’t then don’t worry, you can still enjoy a lot of the free features.

And that’s it for another week. Have a great Halloween themed weekend and we’ll see you again next week.


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