Happy Friday everyone! It’s the weekend once again so relax and breathe!

If you’ve been too busy this week to catch up on the latest happenings in the inbound marketing industry then don’t worry; we’ve got your back once again. Here are this week’s Inbound Marketing Takeaways that you can slowly digest over the weekend before the madness of a new working week begins.

4 Tips for Producing Great Event Coverage – Whiteboard Friday

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re big fans of marketing events!  Our aim going forward is to support every single one in Ireland that provides opportunities for you, our community to learn and network with your industry peers.

This week’s Moz Whiteboard Friday from Kane Jamison couldn’t be more appropriate as it provides 4 actionable tips on how to prepare your content plan well in advance of attending conferences and events. We especially like the ‘Buddy System’ tip as it’s something we’ve been trying out recently at events like Picstash – Evolve and Growth Hackers Dublin.

How To Win At SEO & Content Marketing In 2015

As digital marketers, we often ask ourselves whether or not our jobs will be considerably different in the next year or two. Let’s face it, we’ve heard enough claims that ‘SEO is dead’ and that ‘Content is King’ to make us shudder; but the truth is that while there have been several changes to SEO over the years, Google’s mission to provide the best results to its users has remained the same.

If you’re searching for quick wins through your SEO efforts then it’s unlikely that you’re setting yourself up for long-term marketing success. Search Engine Land’s article touches on the importance of integrating SEO with your overall marketing efforts by factoring in more than just building links, but whether you’re actually delighting the user.

37 Awesome Tools To Get The Most From Your SEO Campaigns

We love checking out the latest marketing tools that help us be smarter and more productive with our inbound marketing campaigns. If you’re a tool fanatic like us, check out Matthew Barby’s latest post on Search Engine Land which provides a list of 37 tools to assist with analysis, link prospecting and performance measurement. We’re already getting ideas about tools to cover for upcoming Tool Time Wednesday posts thanks to Matt’s list!

A/B Testing For Beginners: 70 Resources to Get You Started

You really cannot beat a good “list” post, and if anyone is the king of lists, Neil Patel is. In his latest list post, he presents not 10, not 20, not even 50 resources to help you get started with A/B testing. Nope, he went all the way to 70!

For anyone who is trying to generate any kind of lead or build any kind of conversion rate, A/B testing should be at the heart of everything you do. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is one of the most exciting parts of marketing (well, we think so!).

This list includes everything from resources defining the concept of A/B testing, to tools to execute it to resources on how to analyse your findings.

24 Typography Terms Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]

There was some really great content on the HubSpot blog this week (including a great post with round-ups from the Dublin Web Summit). One of our favourite HubSpot authors has to be Lindsay Kolowich. She writes so much content we just HAVE to read. As inbound marketers, our duty is not only to plan great strategies, write magical words and harness the power of social media. We also have to do it elegantly and beautifully. A great inbound marketer has some design skills and can work with designers REALLY well. Sometimes, however, designers talk their “hipster” talk as if it were another language.

This great post from Lindsay translates a dialect of Hipster talk on the subject of typography and fonts. Print it out, study it, and talk your way to a designer’s heart.

Kerning? Sounds like something to do with popcorn.

3 Cool Things You Can Do With Buzzsumo [Tool Time Wednesday]

This week’s Tool Time Wednesday looked at the power of Buzzsumo. We covered three basic (but magical) uses of Buzzsumo: how to find popular content and use it to inform your own content strategy, competitor research and influencer research. You are limited to what you can do with the free version of Buzzsumo, but we definitely wouldn’t be without our subscription.

That about wraps up another Friday Night Takeaway. Have a great weekend everyone!


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