With Learn Inbound just around the corner, we’re super excited to give you an initial peek at some of the talks you can expect to hear at this year’s conference. To coincide with our move to a bigger venue (The Aviva Stadium), our lineup has grown from 18 to 20 speakers delivering actionable talks over two days, as well as 6 unannounced lightning talk speakers and lunchtime topic tables that we have yet to reveal (more information coming soon).

As always, we have been working closely with our speakers to ensure that they are bringing their A-game by sharing up-to-date tips, tactics and strategies with you over the two days. We’ve got everything from Local SEO, Digital PR, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Content Strategy, Product Marketing and much much more. There’s sure to be something to get you tweeting and scribbling notes at a frantic rate at Learn Inbound this August!

Haven’t grabbed your ticket yet? Go on, treat yourself now to an unmissable learning experience for you and your team.

Cindy Krum,  CEO — MobileMoxie

Presentation:The Secrets Your Analytics Won’t Tell You About Mobile-First Indexing

In Cindy’s talk, you’ll learn how Mobile-First Indexing is impacting what searchers see & what they click on, the changes Google is making to the Knowledge Graph, and how Featured Snippets can make or break your mobile SEO success. You’ll walk away with tips and tricks for communicating the changes to bosses and clients once you get back to the office.

Ross Hudgens | CEO & Founder, Siege Media

Presentation: Scalable Content Marketing: Lessons From Generating 5,000+ Links in 12 Months

In this session, Siege Media founder/CEO will share the insights his team of 75+ content marketers came across in generating over 5,000 links in the past 12 months. Takeaways will include recent trends in content marketing, scalable tactics for the enterprise, and tactical items any business can take away and implement.

Shannon McGuirk | Head of PR & Content, Aira

Presentation: How To Supercharge Link Building With A Digital PR Newsroom

Outreach and link building can be really hard. Traditionally, agencies and in-house marketers launch 3-5 ‘hero’ campaigns across a 12 month period which can cause inconsistencies with results and pressure around campaign performance. What if there was a way of consistently delivering coverage and links for clients? In her talk, Shannon will explain how to set up a ‘digital PR newsroom’ function for both agency and in-house teams to supercharge your outreach and link building efforts.

Kirk Williams | Owner, ZATO

Presentation: I Don’t Know How to Run Shopping Ads, and At This Point I’m Too Afraid To Ask

Whether you work for a brand, manage PPC at an agency, or are a marketing director or VP, chances are you’ve noticed how important Shopping Ads are for any Ecommerce account (and what’s with all that Smart Shopping talk coming from Google?), but don’t actually know the ins-and-outs of your Shopping program.

In this session, Kirk will start from the ground up as he discusses best practices for feed creation and campaign strategy.  Don’t normally spend your time in Ecommerce PPC? Then this is the session you need to stay up on how Shopping Ads work in 2019.

Dennis Yu | CEO, BlitzMetrics

Presentation: Scaling up Facebook Ad Campaigns– Overcoming Ad Burnout and Building Campaigns That Continue To Produce

Denis will cover the 3 layer #ACC approach strategy, 3×3 grid, and optimization process. It’s a video grid Facebook marketing strategy that has proven to be so effective that it moves prospective customers down the funnel into the purchasing stage. Each video in the grid is designed to move the consumer along their personal buyer’s journey. Learn how to do it at Learn Inbound in August.

Claire Suellentrop | Marketing & Growth Advisor for SaaS Companies, Forget The Funnel

Presentation: Rethinking “personas” — create higher-converting campaigns using Jobs To Be Done

Marketing best practices teach us to segment our customers based on their personas: e.g., Sally is 35, works in corporate HR, drives a Honda, loves her two kids.

But this approach misses the mark: it fails to reveal your customers’ true motivations. Why did they buy from you? Why do they use your product?  In her talk, Claire will explore how these details are the fuel you need to run more relevant, high-converting marketing campaigns.

April Dunford | Founder, Ambient Strategy

Presentation: Positioning – How to Harness an Inbound Marketing Secret Weapon

Vicious competition, saturated media, overwhelmed buyers – have you ever felt that breaking through to customers is almost impossible? In this session, you will learn a step by step process that lets you leverage the power of both market categories and trends to make the value of your offering obvious to the buyers that will love it the most.

Joel Klettke | Founder, Case Study Buddy

Presentation: Stories that Sell: How to Create Case Studies That’ll Make You Filthy Rich

Customer success stories are the most powerful content assets on the planet. They can open doors, obliterate objections, upsell customers, and more—but only if you know to wield them. After helping create over 150 studies for brands of all sizes, Joel Klettke knows a thing or two about capturing, sharing, and cashing in on customer success stories. Learn from his mistakes, steal his best examples, and walk away with a step-by-step process for getting case studies right.

Alexa Hubley | Head of Marketing, CXL Institute

Presentation: How To Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Numerous facets of digital marketing are often underused and misunderstood, resulting in fragmented, incomplete, and ultimately suboptimal campaigns that dish out far more money than they should. In this talk, Alexa will show you how to create product marketing and branding strategies to help your business stand out, without needing to spend millions on advertising. Learn how to hyper-personalize your campaigns to touch people at every point in the buyer’s journey and a go-to-market framework that you can apply right away.

Ross Simmonds | Digital Marketing Strategist, Foundation Marketing

Presentation: The End Of New: How To Make Revitalize Old Content & Drive Results

A lot of time marketers are always being told to create new content, write new blog posts, develop new videos, etc…But at a certain point — You can/should just go back and take what you’ve developed over the years and make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Ross will walk you through his process in this super actionable talk.

Nadya Khoja | Chief Growth Officer, Venngage

Presentation: Growth by Content: Driving Massive Traffic Without a Big Budget

It’s a lot easier to scale traffic when you have a big budget at your disposal, and existing brand recognition to piggyback off of, but what happens when you’re either starting from scratch, or don’t have massive amounts of investment money that you can rely on? In this session, Nadya will share the story of how Venngage went from 0 to 400k monthly organic blog visits, as well as all the wins and loses the company faced along the way.

Lianna Patch | Owner & Conversion Copywriter, Punchline Conversion Copywriting

Presentation: How to Be Funny (Even If You’re Not): Comedy-Inspired Copywriting Tips

This is an introduction to how humour works in the brain; how to put it to work in your marketing funnel, and where in the funnel humour can be used to best effect (and least offensively); and finally, specific, line-level copy “punchups” to make any piece of copy warmer, funnier, and more personable.

Val Geisler | Email & Digital Strategist, valgeisler.com

Presentation: Specialization as a Sustainable Business Tactic

Building a consulting or freelance business typically means taking any project that comes your way, building your portfolio, trying a million things, and more hustle than one person can handle. But there’s an easier and more profitable, way to grow your brand. In this talk, Val will show you how specializing in one thing can help you change everything.

Els Aerts | Co-Founder, AGConsult

Presentation: The Lost Art of Asking Questions

World-class user research is the driver behind every successful optimisation program. And when it comes to qualitative user research, that means getting up close and personal with your users. Talking to them. Asking them questions. The right timing, wording and tone of voice of your question can make all the difference. In this talk, Els will help you reconnect with this key element of qualitative research: the lost art of asking questions.

Our team will shortly be finalising the last few details for the event. We’re determined to set the marketing calendar alight with Learn Inbound 2019 and will update you soon. Watch this space!


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