It’s Christmas time – but we are up and running with preparations for the next edition of Learn Inbound on 25th January. We hope to make it the best one yet! We are delighted to bring Dana Ditomaso (Kick Point), Stephen Kenwright (Branded3) and the just-awarded UK Search Personality of 2016, Sam Noble, to Dublin for an evening packed full of actionable talks.

She will offer us a talk about “UMP and the Adventure of Audience Understanding”. Discover more about her presentation watching the welcome video Sam recorded just for Learn Inbound attendees and save your seat to join other 300 marketers at The Academy in Dublin. In case you are looking for an affordable Christmas gift, we are running on early bird prices until 30th December!


We also got a chance to ask Sam Noble about some of the trends she’s expecting in PPC and marketing for the next year. Read our interview below and also check out our post on how to be a networking pro at the next Learn Inbound.

If you had to highlight one trend for PPC in 2017 that small and medium agencies aren’t looking at yet, what would it be?

I can’t really comment on what agencies aren’t doing looking at yet because this would be speculative. However, I can comment on what I think every agency and brand should be focusing on next year which is marketing to audiences.

When people think of PPC so many are still stuck in the mindset of reaching new customers by targeting them with keywords. Now I’m not saying that is wrong as it most certainly isn’t but what I am saying is we need to think beyond that.

Paid media platforms are giving advertisers access to so much insight about their audience and we really need to be taking full advantage of this and applying it to our campaigns.

In 2017 I want to see all advertisers making full use of RLSAs and Customer Match to really enhance their campaigns and improve the ROI.

Would you see voice search as a trend for 2017? If yes, what kind of search (navigational, informational, transactional) do you expect to take the lead?

Voice search is definitely on the rise and I think 2017 this is going to peak significantly with digital assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Cortana, Siri and Google Now becoming more and more popular.

However, I think we are a way off from fully trusting them to make real-life decisions for us. I see the rise in navigational and informational searches but when it comes to transactional, I think this will peak from 2018 and beyond.

Either way, it is a very exciting time and I am really looking forward to seeing how things pan out in this space next year.

What is the last product you bought because a marketing campaign convinced you?

This is going to sound very contradictory seeing as I work in digital marketing but the last time I was convinced to buy something was a result of an advertisement on the London Underground!

It was one of those alarm clocks that light up slowly until the point when you need to wake up so that you wake up to natural light. I hadn’t even heard of them before I saw the advert but I took a photo of it, went home and looked it up and bought one.


Want to attend January’s Learn Inbound? Buy your ticket now, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn and network with 300 super-smart marketers (like you!) on Wednesday 25th January. Not only do we have three amazing speakers lined up and ready to share actionable PPC & SEO tactics, you can grab a free drink from the bar, and some tasty snacks from our sponsors. See you there!

Gustavo Pelogia

Gustavo Pelogia is an SEO specialist at Wolfgang Digital. Currently, he writes for State of Digital and Diário de Palco, a music blog which started out as a book in 2009. He was born in Brazil, however also lived in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and currently is based in Dublin.

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