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Thanks to everyone who shared last week’s Takeaway! Writing a first blog post is always exciting and very satisfying – especially when it’s well-received.

What did you all think of the budget? As part of my real job, I had the pleasure of live Tweeting it. I think most of us are a little better off because of it – I’m taking that to mean I can go shopping this weekend 🙂

I’m not going to bore you with the crap-talking. I’ll get straight to the point…BUT if you want to see what this tasty post is all about, read the intro to last week’s takeaway here.

Blogging Metrics: What to Measure, How to Measure It, and How Often

One of the objectives of Learn Inbound (which were decided after a lengthy and extremely boring board meeting in a high-rise office in the Google district of Dublin*) is to strip Inbound Marketing right back, and to educate on the building blocks that make it so great. People tend to get carried away with shiny things like fancy fandangley (that’s a word, right?) tools that they use with no clear objectives in mind. One of THE most important things when it comes to blogging (a core element of Inbound), is measurement. This is a great post by our friends at Hubspot which highlights some important blogging metrics, how to measure those metrics, and how often you should do it. Measuring the right things ensures continual optimisation, which means you’re making your marketing smarter all the time. It also makes it far easier to get board buy-in. More buy-in = more money = awesome results.

See. We know maths.

Just to add to this, if you want deeper metrics on calculating ROI, the Content Marketing Institute published a very good article on exactly that.

*Learn Inbound objectives were actually decided upon while drinking unicorn juice and pancakes. We don’t have a board. And we certainly don’t have a high-rise office (nor will we ever, as we are afraid of heights).

16 most important email marketing KPIs for your business

While we’re on the topic of blogging metrics, we may as well talk about some other important metrics. Email marketing is considered old-fashioned by many older-school marketers. However, for inbound marketers, email is well and truly in fashion. Sure, for cold outbound campaigns, email may be (ahem) useless, but as part of a really well-thought inbound marketing strategy, email can actually be your hardest-working medium (for some stats and tips on email marketing, check out Jay Baer’s article on Click & Convert, and this really good Salesforce article stuffed with some great emailing marketing tips. Furthermore, dark social represents a whopping 80% of all social sharing (it refers to sharing coming from emails, messaging services, and forums, rather than the likes of our favourite social media.

OK. Email is important. We get it. You get it. Now go and do it, do it well, and measure it using the guidelines in this great article from the guys at eConsultancy!

Smart, Simple Landing Page Hacks Guaranteed to Get Results

Last week, I declared my undying love for Neil Patel, so it should not come as a surprise that Neil features once again in our Takeaway this Friday (yum!). This week the post is related to optimising landing pages (again). I love nothing more than exercising a creative licence to pull landing pages apart, build them up again, and test them. This post (from Crazy Egg’s The Daily Egg) discusses 4 interesting hacks to optimise conversion rates. It includes some great A/B testing suggestions – some surprising, and some I’ve never thought of! Check it out!

*Takeaway extra: The Daily Egg also published this great post on the characteristics of great CTA buttons yesterday. Combine these two posts and you should nail your conversion rates 🙂

4 Tools (And 1 E-Book) I’m Loving For Content Creation And Link Development

This is another great post from the lads at Search Engine Land which gives us something actionable to do after reading. This post presents some tools to aid content creation and link discovery. Tools include FAQFox, ContentGems, WikiMindMap and Peek. Expect to see these feature in our Tool Time Wednesday segment very soon!

20 Tools for Creating and Delivering Amazing Presentations

I make no secret of the fact that I love a good dirty tool post! And the more tools the better. And indeed the more FREE tools the better. As part of my job as a digital marketing specialist, lecturer, trainer, and mentor, I tend to do lots of presentations. I always seem to be working on some kind of presentation – whether it’s updating an old deck or creating a brand new one for a new audience. I think it goes hand in hand with marketing as a career. This great post (from HubSpot again – promise I’m not on commission!) which details 20 tools for creating and delivering amazing presentations really caught my eye. There is a lot to be said about great presentations – they are more engaging, people remember them, and they are easier to deliver. Get stuck into trying a few of the tools listed in this post and let us know how you get on – hell you might even write a couple of reviews for us 🙂

And our “One for the road”…

IFTTT – Create Powerful Connections [Tool Time Wednesday]

In case you missed our Tool Time Wednesday this week, Mark showed how you can use IFTTT to create powerful connections. IFTTT is a website and mobile app which has been around since 2010 that allows you to automate actions from your favourite apps and websites by creating connections between the two. In this post, Mark helps you get your head around the “channels”, “triggers”, “recipes” and “actions” – and once you’ve got them, you’re halfway there! He always gives you ideas on where to find some great recipes.

Hmmmm…I’m hungry.

There you have it – our second instalment of Friday Night Takeaway. Hope you enjoyed it! Please share if you liked it:)

Until next week, happy inbounding!


*Do you have you got a great tip you want to share on Tool Time Wednesday? Do have some insights you want to share with the rest of the community? Or do you just love writing about inbound marketing? We are always looking for blog contributors. If you are interested in contributing some content to the Learn Inbound blog, drop us an email at [email protected] or Tweet to us @LearnInbound.

Remember, this is YOUR community


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