Let’s face it, most of us are now on autopilot as we count down the remaining days in the office until Christmas finally arrives to set us free from our desks. While it’s easy to delay anything that requires effort until January, a little forward planning for 2015 will help to ensure that you don’t miss out on any upcoming Inbound Marketing events.

It’s often the case that Inbound Marketing can be hard to keep on top of at times. Many of us are too focused on the day-to-day duties we need to fulfil as part of our marketing roles. While we may be able to find a few precious minutes to read a couple of blog posts per day (if we’re lucky!), it’s marketing events that can really help to reignite our passion by allowing us the opportunity to network with fellow industry practitioners and learn from leading industry experts. Sometimes it’s amazing to just have the opportunity to speak to people besides our own teammates about pain points in our marketing strategy.

In order to get you off to the best start for 2015, we’ve compiled a list of must-attend marketing events in Europe that you should consider attending. So dig out your passport, book time off with your boss and get inspired by leading industry experts by attending one of the events below!


Learn Inbound – 21st January, Dublin

We’re kicking off 2015 in style with our very first Learn Inbound event of 2015. Join Aleyda Solis, Matthew Barby and Tim Grice as they discuss the latest tactics, tools and strategies in content marketing, SEO and much more.

OMiG Digital Summit – 29th January, Galway

Online Marketing in Galway are launching the West of Ireland’s first ever Digital Summit. With the enormous success of their monthly meetup events, we’re expecting this to be one of the best marketing events in Ireland next year. Don’t miss it!


SES London – 9th – 11th February, London

Keep on top of all aspects of search and digital marketing including content marketing, local and mobile optimisation, analytics, data-driven marketing and much more by attending SES London. Each year the event attracts some of the finest speakers in the industry, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


Learn Inbound – (TBC), Dublin

With Easter around the corner, we’re running another Learn Inbound event to keep your stomachs full of inbound marketing knowledge rather than delicious chocolate treats….mmm chocolate. Once again we will have three amazing inbound marketing experts for an evening of learning, networking and free coffee.

BrightonSEO – 9th – 10th April, Brighton

BrightonSEO has long been one of the go-to SEO events in the UK over the past couple of years. With the tickets being completely free and the speakers being leading experts in their fields, you’d be mad to miss out!

Enterprise Ireland: Digital Marketing Strategy, 22nd April, Dublin

Want to learn how to create a digital marketing plan? iON, a digital strategy consultancy agency will walk you through what you need to know to set digital marketing milestones and measure the success of them for your business.

Adobe Summit 2015 – 29th – 30th April, London

Learn together with industry professionals and innovators as leading industry experts present on the latest trends and tools to help you get better results from your digital marketing programs.


SMX London 2015 – 20th – 21st May, London

Want to keep on top of what’s happening in search marketing? SMX London is recognised as one of the best search marketing events on the industry circuit due to the volume of actionable talks and in-depth insights from leading experts.


Nothing yet! (If you’re aware of any marketing events taking place in June that we’ve missed, feel free to point them out!)


Learn Inbound – (TBC), Dublin

We’re back again for our Summer Learn Inbound event. If you’re not saving for a trip to Seattle to enjoy the wonders of Mozcon (it’s pretty awesome!), then we’ll bring industry experts to you at our third event of 2015. Hope to see you there!


Nothing yet! (If you’re aware of any marketing events taking place in August that we’ve missed, feel free to point them out!)


Nothing yet! (If you’re aware of any marketing events taking place in September that we’ve missed, feel free to point them out!)


Learn Inbound – (TBC), Dublin

As the chill in the air returns (and dark mornings!), we wrap up our series of Learn Inbound events for 2015 by bringing you another three leading industry experts to present their knowledge to you.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit – 21st – 22nd October, London

Learn about the current challenges that face digital marketing leader’s in their roles. Topics covered include Advertising, Digital intelligence, Social & Mobile Marketing, Websites and the importance of SEO.

eMetrics Summit – 27th – 28th October, London

Digital marketing these days is all about big data. eMetrics Summit is the only event dedicated to digital analytics and marketing optimisation. If you’re focused on driving business results through data analysis and technology adoption then this is the event for you.


Web Summit: Marketing Summit – (TBC), Dublin

While the Web Summit is not purely a marketing event, it does attract leading industry experts to present their knowledge at the Marketing Summit stage. As it’s a homegrown event, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Nothing yet! (If you’re aware of any marketing events taking place in December that we’ve missed, feel free to point them out!)


Have we missed any Inbound Marketing events in Europe next year? Drop us a comment below or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be sure to include it on our list 🙂

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