I’m glad to say we’re finally here. Learn Inbound has launched to the public after a lot of work behind the scenes over the past couple of months. We’re an Inbound Marketing community that has been born out of a desire to connect inbound marketers with free opportunities to both learn and network.

While Dublin has never been short of marketing events over the past year or two, I’ve always felt strongly that every event should provide actionable tips and advice that every attendee can incorporate into their business. Like most people, I’m drawn to conferences that have well-known speakers from leading companies speaking about their achievements but rarely do I walk away with advice I can actually use in my day-to-day role. We’re hoping to offer something a little bit different.

We ran the very first Inbound Dublin event last November which was put together at short notice as we had the amazing opportunity to host Mike King, a well known and highly respected speaker in the inbound marketing industry.

The event attracted the attention of 50 passionate inbound marketers in Dublin and received largely positive feedback from attendees. Since then we’ve been working hard on ensuring that this event would be the first of many, but we also wanted to help support the inbound marketing industry as a whole.

What ‘Learn Inbound’ Will Provide

Events – Besides hosting our own series of Inbound Dublin events, we want to draw attention to any events that provide opportunities for marketers to learn. We’re big fans of DMX Dublin, Web Summit, Growth Hackers and many other conferences in Ireland. If you’re interested in putting your event in front of a passionate group of inbound marketers, list your event with us for free. Let us help you in whatever way we can to make your event a success.

Jobs – We understand the difficulties that companies face when trying to find the right digital marketing candidate for a role as we’re industry practitioners ourselves. If you list a job position with us, we will put your role in front of experienced digital marketers that may be ideal for your company. We’re a non-profit company by ensuring that all revenue generated by the jobs section on our website will be put towards the Inbound Dublin events we run. The cost of attending conferences and smaller events can sometimes be expensive so our intention is to always keep Inbound Dublin free for everyone to attend.

By listing a job position with us, you will not only find the right person for the role, but you will also allow us to keep providing opportunities for inbound marketers in Ireland to learn, connect and grow together. Let’s face it; the costs of having a stunning venue, drinks at the bar for attendees and amazing speakers can add up. You can help us to keep our Inbound Dublin events free for everyone to attend by listing a job position with us today.

We will be announcing the next Inbound Dublin event soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions for our team, you can contact us by sending a friendly message to [email protected]


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