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Pint-Sized Marketing is a meetup for marketers of all backgrounds and industries. We meet once a month on a Thursday at Intercom, just minutes away from Stephen’s Green park. Come along and enjoy three short marketing talks, a free drink and some light snacks on us.

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Learn tactics and strategies to put into practice the next day. You will hear three 15-minute marketing talks by local speakers.


Enjoy a light kick-off for the weekend. The first pint and some snacks are on us. Just come, chat and relax. You earned it.


Get inspired by 100+ marketers and make contacts to help your career. Our community is open to help each other.


Speaker at Learninbound Pint Sized Marketing

Gavin Duff


Presentation: Know Your Audience: Spend Less, Earn More, Be Smarter.

Don’t make assumptions. Don’t waste money on the wrong audiences. Ask publishers the right questions. Get to know YOUR OWN audiences. Find them. Segment them. Target them. Learn from them. It’s the only way that they’ll listen to you - because then you’re speaking TO them, and not just hoping that they’ll hear you.

Speaker at Learninbound Pint Sized Marketing

Irina Nica


Presentation: How To Build High-Quality Backlinks And Authority In A Post-GDPR World

If you want to improve your site’s ranking, you need to gain valuable links from authoritative websites by having a solid outreach strategy. In this talk, you'll learn what a GDPR-friendly outreach process looks like and three tactics you can start using right away to build quality links.

Speaker at Learninbound Pint Sized Marketing

Trevor Koen

Imperic Media

Presentation: Future-Facing PPC: Facts, Speculation And A Badly Timed Press Release

In his short talk, Trevor will be running through 5 areas where the Imperic Media team are seeing evolution in PPC. He will be outlining potential changes over the next couple years and where opportunities may lie.


Pint Sized Marketing
Alejandro Marín
Arvato Financial Solutions

Each month we recognise and reward people for being a part of our growing community. This month’s winner is Alejandro Marín, an aspiring digital marketer who moved to Dublin in January 2015. If you have attended any of our meetups over the past six months, you will have spotted Alejandro in the audience. Learn a little more by reading our interview with him now.

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Listen back to the sessions from past Pint-Sized Marketing meetups. Each month we will be releasing the talks as podcast episodes for you to listen to on the move, so no excuses for missing out on valuable tips and tactics from our talented speakers.


Sponsorship plays a huge part in the success of our monthly meetups. Without the support of these companies, the meetups simply wouldn't be possible, so thanks a lot to them for supporting our community.
Our monthly meetups bring together marketers from SMEs, agencies and brands located in Dublin. If you're interested in driving awareness of your company and building connections with Dublin's marketing community, then reach out to our team to see how we may be able to help.
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Intercom, Dublin 2

We're delighted to be hosting this month's meetup at Intercom's office at Stephen Court in Dublin City Centre. Upon arrival, a member of our team will be waiting for you at the security desk on the ground floor to show you where to go next. Thanks to Intercom, you will be able to enjoy a free drink and some snacks before the talks kick off after 7:00pm.

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Whether you're a freelancer or in-house marketer, we're here to support you throughout your career. Become a part of Dublin's marketing community by joining us at this month's meetup and meet like-minded people.

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