One-day Intensive Facebook Ads Training Course

The media (and your newsfeed!) is likely awash with Social Media success stories. Meanwhile, us digital marketing practitioners find it almost impossible to avoid the constant questions surrounding social media advertising and “how we can make it work for us?”.

Truth is, Facebook / Instagram are well on its way to becoming essential channels for results-orientated campaigns, and the attention is deserved. The problem? Many organisations are either undervaluing the channel, or the break-neck speed of change is proving difficult to keep up with. If you’re reading this and nodding along, this is probably for you!

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Companies That Attend Our Courses

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what’s in the course?

In this full-day training we will consider multiple aspects essential in setting the right mindset for approaching Facebook / Instagram ads (clue: it’s not the same as other channels!). We’ll develop a foundational knowledge on the importance of: tracking and measurement, the importance of developing great creative, how to select the right placements/ad formats, and understanding the Facebook ads algorithm. We’ll then explore Facebook Ads-specific best practices, such as: campaign structure, optimisation, bidding and budgets.

[Perhaps] Most importantly we’ll understand the approach to developing a strategy that suits your business, matches your objectives, and ensures you best optimise for success.

who’s this for?

  • Paid marketers - who’s day-to-day involves managing budgets / campaigns across multiple channels and want to ensure they’re ahead of the curve for Facebook Ads.
  • Social Media marketers - who’s day-to-day involves driving engagement and managing communities on social media, but want to ensure they’re up-to-date on the best way to utilise paid in their strategies.
  • Digital marketing managers - who’s day-to-day involves managing their companies’ marketing activity across multiple channels, but want to ensure their teams are getting to most out of Facebook / Instagram ads and if not, understand why not!
  • Small business owners - who want to unlock the potential in social media advertising and capitalise on the results that Facebook / Instagram ads can provide them.

why study with us?


Our courses are taught by leading industry experts who practice what they preach every day. Learn in-depth tactics you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns by studying with us.


Our courses are limited to small groups as they allow you to work closely with our trainers and fellow students to get an in-depth understanding of the course content.


We don’t expect you to learn on an empty stomach. You can look forward to a delicious catered breakfast, lunch and snack breaks.

Course Outline

After completing the training course, you’ll leave inspired with new approaches and strategies to try out in your existing accounts/client accounts. Having developed a deeper understanding in how Facebook / Instagram Ads work, you’ll be able to further experiment and expand on your existing activity, using data to inform your decisions, driving business engagement/reach/revenue, and achieving your business goals.
module 1

Tracking Pixels

“If a conversion happened in a forest with no one around, would you be able to attribute it correctly?” Probably not! Tracking is an essential component of your Facebook Advertising campaigns, so we’ll start by exploring the options available.

module 2

Campaign Strategy

“Start with the objective in mind.” is a saying that your trainer Ned is often heard saying. And for good reason. Without a robust strategy Facebook ads can be confusing, expensive and ultimately fruitless.

module 3

Audience Research & Development

Facebook offers some of the most advanced audience targeting capabilities available today. How to use these to your benefit can be complex and confusing. We’ll cover expert tips and tricks to uncover your ideal audience.

module 4

Ad Objectives & Formats

Perhaps the most fast-changing aspect of Facebook ads is the formats that are available. We’ll deep-dive into these, viewing examples, and understand the benefits of using each.

module 5

Campaign Best Practices

Power 5? Campaign Budget Optimisation? Which is the best approach for you? Perhap the most rewarding aspect of the course, we’ll explore recommended best practices for your campaigns, sharing tips and tricks for optimising your campaigns to raise these to the next level.

module 6

Campaign Inspection & Optimisation

Running the best campaign in the world may be meaningless if you can’t communicate this to the stakeholders involved. Here we’ll understand what metrics to focus on, which to ignore, and how to extract that data into meaningful reports.


about your trainer

Ned Poulter is the Founder & CEO of Pole Star Digital, an award-winning digital marketing consultancy who deliver high performing, intelligent, data-driven digital marketing solutions.

Having spent in excess of €3M on Facebook / Instagram Ads over the last several years, he’s worked with everything from startups to some of the world's most recognisable brands. Ned is also a familiar face on the international speaking and training circuit, where he can normally be found teaching cutting-edge social media strategies.

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Facebook Ads
The Aviva Stadium, Dublin
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Facebook Ads
The Aviva Stadium, Dublin
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Any Questions?

How much does the Facebook Ads course cost?

Do I need to have digital marketing experience?

Where will the course take place?

How much does the Facebook Ads course cost?

A place on our Facebook Ads course is €495 per person. This includes a catered breakfast, lunch and snack breaks. If you have any particular dietary requirements then let us know after you purchase and we’ll ensure there’s something to suit you on the day.

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Do I need to have digital marketing experience?

While a background in Facebook Ads isn’t necessary, you will get more out of the course if you have existing knowledge that you wish to build upon.

Each course is tailored to the people in attendance to ensure the content is relevant to them and can be put into practice the very next day when the student returns to their day-to-day marketing role.

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Where will the course take place?

Our courses are hosted at The Aviva Stadium - the home of Irish Rugby and Irish Football Teams. It is a place of gathering, it encapsulates the heartbeat of a nation and inspires great victories.

It's just a 1-minute walk from Lansdowne Road Train Station and serviced by many bus routes so you won't have any problems getting there on the day of the workshop.

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