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We LOVE inbound marketing. Plain and simple.

We’re trailblazing to round up the BEST inbound marketing experts in an effort to help advance your knowledge and fuel your professional growth. By combining the very best in speakers with an active and engaged community for you to get involved with, we’re trying to build something different around Learn Inbound.

From tactics and tools to campaigns and case studies, our talks will provide actionable information to help make you more efficient and more effective.

Ready to become a part of Learn Inbound? Grab your seat now.

what to expect

actionable advice

You won’t find any sales pitches here. You’ll leave with new ideas you can put into practice right away.


Learn and network with 600+ other super smart marketers like you. Trust us, they won’t bite. Promise.

food for thought

Delicious breakfast, lunch and snack breaks to keep your mind focused on learning and your blood sugar levels topped up.


sources of wisdom

Learn Inbound brings together the brightest minds in digital marketing to share next-level tips, tactics and strategies in SEO, PPC, CRO, Analytics, PR, Content Marketing and Growth Marketing. Enjoy 10 amazing presentations that will give you actionable advice to take back into the office the very next day to make you the superstar of your company.
Wil Reynolds - Seer Interactive" alt="person">

Wil Reynolds

Seer Interactive
Aleyda Solís - Orainti" alt="person">

Aleyda Solís

International SEO Consultant & Founder
Oli Gardner - Unbounce" alt="person">

Oli Gardner

Annie Cushing - Outspoken Media" alt="person">

Annie Cushing

Chief Data Officer
Outspoken Media
Michael King - iPullRank" alt="person">

Michael King

Founder and Managing Director
Purna Virji - Microsoft" alt="person">

Purna Virji

Senior Training Manager
Lexi Mills - Marquis Communications" alt="person">

Lexi Mills

Managing Director
Marquis Communications
Mackenzie Fogelson" alt="person">

Mackenzie Fogelson

Founder & CEO
Mike Ramsey - Nifty Marketing" alt="person">

Mike Ramsey

Nifty Ventures
Local SEO
Hannah Thorpe - White.net" alt="person">

Hannah Thorpe

Learn Inbound is a conference that ticks all the boxes for me. It is well organised, attracts a great lineup of speakers and above all, the audience are fantastic. The networking before and after the event was great with everyone sharing ideas and talking about campaigns they have run.
Samantha Noble
My experience here at Learn Inbound has been amazing. There's very few conferences that I've been to that have been this well organized. I felt extremely welcomed by everyone in the Learn Inbound team. It's been a really fun and engaging conference with lots of friendly attendees and top notch speakers.
Dana DiTomaso
Kick Point
Learn Inbound is a fast-moving, high-energy event that manages to teach in one day what a lot of conferences take days to cover. Not a moment wasted! As a speaker, I loved the pace, the atmosphere and the vibe in general. I highly recommend any marketer attends Learn Inbound.
Joanna Wiebe
Learn Inbound is a premier inbound marketing event in Dublin. It's a really great event. I thought the audience were really engaged, they asked great questions and there was a ton of amazing knowledge shared. I'm really proud to have something like this in Dublin.
Kieran Flanagan
Learn Inbound does a phenomenal job. There’s a real grassroots feel to the event and speakers share knowledge in a way that you just don’t experience at the more established conferences in the UK. One of the most actionable – and slickest – conferences I’ve attended. Highly recommended.
Stephen Kenwright

Round Room, Mansion House

The Round Room at the Mansion House has been Ireland’s premier events venue in the heart of the city since 1821. It is a unique city centre venue that has 6 versatile and flexible spaces with state of the art facilities that offer cutting edge visuals and sound. It's cool, it's edgy and it's our home for the largest Learn Inbound event of 2017.


who makes this possible

Sponsorship plays a huge part in the success of our event. Without the support of these companies, our events simply wouldn't take place. So a quick shout out to these fine folks...

media partners

If you're interested in getting involved in our upcoming events, get in touch with our team for a chat so that we can develop a unique sponsorship package just for you. We work closely with each sponsor to deliver an experience that encourages our attendees to engage directly with your brand. Tell us how we can help, and our team will work hard to deliver the result you expect.
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...if not, how does free drinks and snacks sound?
Just when you thought Learn Inbound couldn’t get any better: we’re going to throw a party at 37 Dawson Street when the main event is over! Come along to mingle with 600+ super-smart marketers (like you!), our amazing speakers and sponsors over a beer, cocktail or glass of wine. We’ll also be offering some tasty snacks to keep your mind focused on building lasting relationships with your fellow marketers. You don’t want to miss this.
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