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We LOVE inbound marketing. Plain and simple.

We’re trailblazing to round up the BEST inbound marketing experts in an effort to help advance your knowledge and fuel your professional growth. By combining the very best in speakers with an active and engaged community for you to get involved with, we’re trying to build something different around Learn Inbound.

From tactics and tools to campaigns and case studies, our talks will provide actionable information to help make you more efficient and more effective.

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Learn Inbound brings together the brightest minds in digital marketing to share next-level tips, tactics and strategies in SEO, PPC, CRO, Analytics, PR, Content Marketing and Growth Marketing. Enjoy 10 amazing presentations that will give you actionable advice to take back into the office the very next day to make you the superstar of your company.
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Purna Virji
Senior Training Manager at Bing
The Search Marketer’s Guide to Testing Chatbots

Fact: In today’s conversational world, a landing page is no longer necessary for online conversions. Chatbots are seeing a marked rise in use and audience adoption, so advertisers need to be thinking about driving ads to chatbots, and how to measure the engagement that occurs there.

In this actionable session based on research from Microsoft, Facebook and WeChat, the audience will learn:

- Why chatbots are a fantastic tool for increasing audience engagement across multiple channels
- How to use bots across multiple stages in the consumer decision journey (esp. remarketing!)
- How to track the chat- the top KPIs to be measuring

Come to this session to learn how you can bring on the bots and make your marketing even more effective.

Mackenzie Fogelson
Founder and CEO at Genuinely
Living Your Purpose: How to Build High-Performing, Self-Managed Teams

Purpose is the connective tissue for the many things that organizations desire to achieve: industry-leading strategy and innovation; competitive advantage; operational agility and efficiency; greater market share; a more diverse and satisfied workforce; customer trust, advocacy, loyalty, and word-of-mouth; stronger strategic partnerships; and, of course, profit.

The day-to-day of living your purpose is bringing self-managed ways of working alive in your organization.

In Mack’s session you will learn how to:

- Implement a self-managed peer feedback framework that your team can own and adapt, improving trust, communication and performance
- Give your team more opportunity to do the work they want to do, regardless of their official role within the organization
- More evenly distribute power across your team so everyone can take more initiative, contribute to moving the entire company forward, and work more collaboratively to achieve the organization’s purpose

Mike Ramsey
President at Nifty Ventures
What’s happening in the World of Local

Learn the In’s and Out’s of local search in 2017 and beyond with Mike Ramsey as he walks you through everything from reviews to local listings and links to local content in order to build a long-lasting strategy to stay prominent in your city.

In Mike’s session you will learn how to:

- Use the data you can grab from local map listings and what you can do with it.
- Understand the updates that constantly keep local marketers on their toes.
- Prioritize local tasks so that you can focus on what matters most.

Morning Break
Lexi Mills
Managing Director at Marquis Communications
A place of possibility- the future of influence

Lexi Mills will open by discussing the recent changes in the publishing industry and what this means for PRs and content marketers. Lexi will then demonstrate her best tactics and strategies for creating explosive content that produces, links, shares, and coverage.

In Lexi’s session you will learn how to:

- Minimise the risk of failure
- Show the difference between making news and faking news (and how much fun this approach can be!)
- Adapt your tactics and strategies in light of emerging technologies and AI in order to stay ahead of the game in 2018

Hannah Thorpe
Director at White.net
Using Content to Connect

Brand is increasing in its importance in SEO, no longer is simply ticking boxes for technical integrity enough, to really get ahead you need to have built a reputable brand, with a strong presence in its niche and become consumers’ first choice. But how do you do this? Consumers build relationships with brands the same way they do people, so you need to use content to connect.

In Hannah’s session you will learn how to:

- Read your customers minds
- Produce content in the right format
- Get consumers to see your content

Oli Gardner
Co-Founder of Unbounce
Data-Driven Experience Design for Marketing Teams

Data is all around us, which is both a good and bad thing. Good, because we need it. Bad, because there’s simply too much to know where and how to start using it. This is one of several reasons that marketing teams are currently dysfunctional – I’ll reveal the rest in my talk – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Data-Driven Design (3D) is an actionable evidence-based framework that gives marketing teams (marketers, designers, & copywriters) accelerated access to the data they really need, coupled with a process for understanding how to use that data to make informed changes to the digital marketing experiences you’re creating today.

In Oli’s session you will learn how to:

- Use The 3D Playbook to narrow hundreds of sources of overwhelming data into the few you actually need.
- Run multiple experiments to fuel your next project.
- Use a collaborative process for marketing teams, designed to create high-performance digital experiences that solve real, observed customer pains.

Annie Cushing
Chief Data Officer at Outspoken Media
Bursting Data Bubbles

As marketers, too often we keep the data we analyze locked away in bubbles. Resigned to a life of solitary confinement, the insights we could gain from taking a more holistic approach to data collection are lost in our departmental silos. Annie will provide practical tips and examples of how to free your data to romp and frolic with other complementary data sources with real-world examples found out in the wild (and her hard drive).

In Annie's seession you will learn how to:

- Use tools that allow you to marry data from different sources.
- Rock APIs even if you’re not a developer.
- Build dashboards that help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization's performance.

Aleyda Solis
International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti
Winning in a Mobile Search World: Mobile First Index, AMP & PWA

What's going to change with a mobile first index? How can you make the most out of AMP? What's PWA and how you can easily implement it for your already existing site? In this session, Aleyda will go through the major updates, functionalities, and opportunities in a Mobile first search reality.

In Aleyda’s session you will learn how to:

- Refocus your SEO actions for a Mobile first index
- Understand AMP Do's and Don'ts
- Make PWA work for your website

Afternoon Break
Wil Reynolds
Founder of SEER Interactive
How I've used PPC data to supercharge content, SEO, outreach and more

Working across silos, switching teams and becoming an intern all over again has enabled me to find opportunities that marketers who stay in their silos will never find. If you are OK jumping out of your silo, you'll learn a TON in this fast paced, tip filled presentation.

In Wil’s session you will learn how to:

- Use a framework for PPC testing to improve SEO results
- Discover opportunities by comparing PPC search queries to Google Search Console
- Improve landing page user experience prior to content promotion

Wrap Up
After Party at 37 Dawson Street


What's the best way to prepare for a full day conference packed to the brim with actionable advice from leading marketing professionals? How about some tactical workshops, full of hands on and in-depth advice on niche topics, focused on helping you grow your business.

On Tuesday 31st October (the day before the conference) we're offering attendees the chance to pick from one of our practical 90 minute workshops completely free of charge. Simply pick the workshop that best matches your needs when buying your ticket and learn practical skills that will help your performance and growth. Each workshop is limited in places, giving you closer contact with the trainers but meaning they will sell out fast, so be sure to grab your spot now!


The Art And Science Of Ad Copy

  • The Brickhouse

Let’s take a little time to understand the psychology of decision-making. Why do we make the choices we make? What truly motivates Searchers to take action? How can we as marketers learn to apply the conversion formula factors and psychological framing effect to influence clicks and conversions? Purna Virji from Microsoft Advertising will guide you through a creative and analytical framework to help you write more effective ad copy.

You will learn 1) the 5 principles of marketing copy, 2) how to create a framework for understanding your audience and 3) the 3-step brainstorming approach that works every time.

Workshop by Purna Virji, Bing

The 256 Content Ph.D*

  • The Brickhouse

A 90-minute deep-dive into your audience and how to laser-target your content for first
class results (*that’s pretty handy details). From working out who your key target is and analysing what content performs well for which audience, we’ll carry you through each step in producing great content that gets meaningful results. Looking at the content eco-system, from awareness to consideration and right through to action.

You will learn 1) ways to drill into key stats to discover who is coming onto your website, 2) what content is, why it differs from advertising & why that matters and 3) how to track & measure the performance of your content efforts

Workshop by Kirstie McDermott, 256 Media

What you can learn from 100 million headlines and videos

  • The Brickhouse

Facebook matters for marketers, and not just in B2C, but do you know what really works there? We all need a targeted approach to marketing on Facebook. We've analysed 100 million Facebook Videos and Shared Articles Headlines, and in this hands on session we’ll share practical tips and tools to make the most of your investment in Facebook as part of your marketing plan.

You will learn 1) data-driven insights on driving higher engagement, 2) how to optimise results for Facebook Video and Facebook Live and 3) how to analyse content on Facebook to get the best results in campaigns.

Workshop by Stephen Walsh, BuzzSumo

The influencer playbook - how to run campaign from scratch

  • The Brickhouse

Based on years of experience of running these kinds of campaigns for small brands right through to multi-nationals, Andy Barr from 10 Yetis will show you how to get the most from campaigns and look through the murky world of spotting fake influencers. He will take you through how to plan, execute and meaningfully report back on influencer marketing campaigns. You will learn to cut through the B/S and stride purposefully through the land of influencer marketing.

You will learn 1) how to plan an influencer campaign, 2) how to spot a fake influencer and 3) how to track influencer campaigns

Workshop by Andy Barr, 10Yetis
Learn Inbound is a conference that ticks all the boxes for me. It is well organised, attracts a great lineup of speakers and above all, the audience are fantastic. The networking before and after the event was great with everyone sharing ideas and talking about campaigns they have run.
Samantha Noble
My experience here at Learn Inbound has been amazing. There's very few conferences that I've been to that have been this well organized. I felt extremely welcomed by everyone in the Learn Inbound team. It's been a really fun and engaging conference with lots of friendly attendees and top notch speakers.
Dana DiTomaso
Kick Point
Learn Inbound is a fast-moving, high-energy event that manages to teach in one day what a lot of conferences take days to cover. Not a moment wasted! As a speaker, I loved the pace, the atmosphere and the vibe in general. I highly recommend any marketer attends Learn Inbound.
Joanna Wiebe
Learn Inbound is a premier inbound marketing event in Dublin. It's a really great event. I thought the audience were really engaged, they asked great questions and there was a ton of amazing knowledge shared. I'm really proud to have something like this in Dublin.
Kieran Flanagan
Learn Inbound does a phenomenal job. There’s a real grassroots feel to the event and speakers share knowledge in a way that you just don’t experience at the more established conferences in the UK. One of the most actionable – and slickest – conferences I’ve attended. Highly recommended.
Stephen Kenwright

Round Room, Mansion House

The Round Room at the Mansion House has been Ireland’s premier events venue in the heart of the city since 1821. It is a unique city centre venue that has 6 versatile and flexible spaces with state of the art facilities that offer cutting edge visuals and sound. It's cool, it's edgy and it's our home for the largest Learn Inbound event of 2017.


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