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We LOVE inbound marketing. Plain and simple.

We’re trailblazing to round up the BEST inbound marketing experts in an effort to help advance your knowledge and fuel your professional growth. By combining the very best in speakers with an active and engaged community for you to get involved with, we’re trying to build something different around Learn Inbound.

From tactics and tools to campaigns and case studies, our talks will provide actionable information to help make you more efficient and more effective.

Ready to become a part of Learn Inbound? Grab your seat now.

Who makes this possible

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Sources of wisdom

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    Breakfast & Registration
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    Welcome to Learn Inbound
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    Stacey MacNaught Search Director at Tecmark

    How to Come Up with Cracking Content Ideas

    Coming up with the right idea at the right time is half the battle in content success. But with so much content out there already, coming up with something that has a unique edge and that will appeal to your target audience isn't easy.

    In this talk, Stacey shares the tactics and tools that she and her team use to come up with ideas, develop them and then test them before investing too heavily in production.

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    Stacey Macnaught is Search Director at Tecmark. A copywriter by background, Stacey began working in SEO in 2009 and now heads up a team delivering content marketing led SEO campaigns in travel, finance, professional services and retail. When she’s not working, Stacey can be found watching awful reality TV and Tweeting along with it!

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    Barry Adams SEO Consultant at Polemic Digital

    How To Screw Up Your Technical SEO In Five Easy Steps

    Barry is going to show five real-life examples (or six, or maybe seven, who knows) of websites that have totally screwed up their technical SEO without even realising it. From redirect cockups to URL shenanigans, from crawl traps to server configurations, Barry is going to show some of the worst examples of technical SEO tomfoolery he's come across.

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    Despite the anglophonic name, Barry Adams is a native Dutchman living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he’s established himself as the foremost SEO consultant in the country.

    Barry’s been doing SEO in one form or another since 1998, which means he’s lost quite a bit of his sanity along the way. As a regular blogger and avid tweeter, Barry has gathered a reputation for contrarian opinions and profanity-laced rants, which resulted in him getting blocked on Twitter by Danny Sullivan.

    In 2014 Barry founded Polemic Digital, a specialised consultancy offering bespoke SEO services to clients across Ireland and beyond. Despite its relatively short existence to date, Polemic Digital already counts many of Northern Ireland's largest brands among its clients.

    Barry also teaches SEO in various guises for the Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, and the Digital Marketing Institute, is a regular speaker at top international digital conferences such as SAScon, Pubcon, and Friends of Search, and serves as the senior editor at award-winning European digital marketing blog State of Digital.

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    Talia Wolf Conversion Optimisation Expert

    Breaking Patterns: The mobile conversion equation that turns mobile visitors into customers

    Best practices lie. Talia shares case studies for building a mobile conversion optimization strategy that actually works and turns mobile visitors into customers based on emotional targeting, decision making process, and real-time behavior.

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    Talia teaches businesses how to plan and execute conversion optimization programs. She runs thousands of AB tests using emotional targeting and consumer psychology to help grow and scale their business.

    Talia is a frequent keynote speaker at marketing and conversion optimization conferences and was recently listed as one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization. Follow her on twitter at @taliagw

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    Morning Break
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    Laura Crimmons Communications Director at Branded3

    Selling yourself short: The value you’re not reporting on from your Digital PR & Content Marketing

    Most people when they’re briefing or reporting on their Digital PR/Content Marketing activity still seem to be focussed solely on links generated. This session will cover the other value this activity adds and how you can demonstrate and leverage it for clients.

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    Laura Crimmons is Communications Director at digital marketing agency Branded3 overseeing their Digital PR, Outreach and Social Media offering.

    Laura’s background is originally in traditional PR and she now brings that experience combined with a knowledge of the ever-changing SEO landscape to develop and oversee engagement strategies across clients such as Virgin Holidays, Ladbrokes and Vue cinemas.

    Laura is also a regular speaker and trainer at events such as BrightonSEO, Content Marketing Show and Figaro Social Media.

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    Simon Penson Founder and MD at Zazzle Media

    Content Marketing’s Jerry Maguire Moment
    A mission statement to reinvent the strategy for the next decade and beyond.

    Content marketing was one of the buzz words of 2015; a tactic that few have managed to master. In his session former print editor and founder of Zazzle Media Simon Penson argues for a complete reevaluation of how we execute content and what it should look like in the future. Meet the Brand as Publisher Strategy model.

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    Simon Penson is the founder and MD of Zazzle Media one of Europe’s very first pure-play digital content marketing agencies. He created the business a following a decade-long career in print media editing national magazines. He uses the learnings from both on and offline worlds to create integrated strategies that build audiences of value for Zazzle’s clients. He is a regular speaker and contributor to many of the industry’s key thought leadership blogs and magazines.

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    Mackenzie Fogelson Founder and CEO at Genuinely

    Evolve or Die: How to build a durable brand in the digital age

    A great brand isn’t about generating a virtual identity through websites, emails, social media, and being found at the top of Google. In today’s digital world, it's less about how your company is packaged and more about about who your company is.

    Mack will show you how to break through the noise, connect with and build an audience full of the right customers by using an authentic, purpose-driven approach to marketing.

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    Mackenzie Fogelson — “Mack” to those in the know — is a writer, speaker, and the Founder and CEO of Genuinely, a digital strategy company. Mack has been a featured speaker at top industry conferences such as MozCon and SearchLove. She helps companies build meaningful brands that care as much about their customers as they do about their profits. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Jon, and is rapidly funding her kids’ college education with a 25-cents-per-swear jar.

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    Joanna Wiebe Founder and CEO at Copy Hackers

    Go Long: How to Write Uncomfortably Long and Stunningly High-Converting Copy

    You're not writing enough - and it's hurting your conversion rate. In this talk, Joanna Wiebe shares from-the-trenches case studies in writing copy that converts for SaaS and ecommerce. And guess what! All of the winning copy is considerably longer than the losing copy. See why long copy works and how to use it.

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    Founder and CEO of Copy Hackers, Joanna Wiebe helps businesses to get their message across in a way that converts. As a conversion copywriter she continually illustrates the dramatic power of words, combining a mixture of old school copywriting techniques with modern optimisation techniques. Merging the best of both art and science to help you create messages your customers will love you for.

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    Hannah Smith Head of Creative at Verve Search

    How to build a time machine (& other stories)

    According to Stephen Hawking, all you need is a wormhole, the Large Hadron Collider or a rocket that goes really, really fast.

    Hannah has none of those things. But she has spent more time than is probably healthy on the internet and was once described as having an overactive imagination. Armed with only her GCSE in physics she’ll teach you how to build a time machine, and explore other ways to create content which resonates.

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    Hannah spent 7 years working in offline marketing until her fairy godmother told her that the internet was the future. Not one to ignore such sage advice Hannah made the switch to online. Today she's the Head of Creative at Verve Search where she passionately pursues her love of writing. Having spoken at various conferences, both in the UK and abroad including MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, & The Content Marketing Show, Hannah is well known in the industry for her straight-talking style and reams of energy. She also writes on Moz, Distilled, State of Digital & SEO Chicks.

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    Ed Fry Growth at Hull.io

    Don't Be Boring! How to Craft Content to Engage in 2016

    Attracting people isn’t the problem it used to be. Now anyone can publish and share anything and reach their target audience - power to us!

    But, do your emails get opened? Are your blog posts read and shared? Is your “content strategy” really driving engaged, high-value leads? Or are you just looking for another lever to crank up the system - *cough* them damn pop-ups… *cough*

    Is there a better way?

    In this talk, Ed will share stories and tactical lessons of content that can really stand out and *engage*. You don’t have to be a desperate content marketer any more.

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    Ed Fry runs Growth at Hull.io, and was previously employee #1 at inbound.org. He is based in London. Ed’s focus area is on managing customer data for sales and marketing automation, personalisation, segmentation and lifecycle marketing.

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    Short Break
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    Phil Nottingham Marketing Strategist at Wistia

    Measuring for success: how the best strategies start with the right metrics.

    It's a common occurrence - despite having a brilliant team, brimming with fantastic ideas, a brand decide to go with an uninspiring and ineffective strategy. Why? Phil Nottingham thinks its all because of bad measurement. In this session, Phil will take a deep look into how the best and worst marketing strategies are built, providing tactical tips to ensure you own plans never fall foul of the biggest mistakes.

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    Phil is the Marketing Strategist at Wistia, a video hosting and analytics platform which helps businesses manage, customize and measure video content across their websites. Phil is passionate about the use of creative video content to improve the way companies speak to their customers and he regularly speaks around the world about video strategy and technical marketing.

    Prior to working at Wistia, Phil was a Senior Consultant and at Distilled, where he became a renowned expert on video SEO and video marketing strategy. Phil has consulted for some of the biggest and smallest brands in the world including Red Bull, The Financial Times, Tesco, Simply Business, Travelex and Thoughtworks. Phil trained in theatre practice at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and worked in film, theatre and broadcast technology before joining the world of marketing in 2010.

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    Wrap Up
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    Late After Party at The Academy
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  • #LearnInbound is a premier inbound marketing event in Dublin. It's a really great event. I thought the audience were really engaged, they asked great questions and there was a ton of amazing knowledge shared. I'm really proud to have something like this in Dublin

    Kieran Flanagan

  • I had a great time at the #LearnInbound conference. I was speaking alongside some fantastic speakers and had time to share ideas with a number of attendees on the night. If you're serious about inbound marketing, this event is a must!

    Matthew Barby

  • #LearnInbound does a phenomenal job. There’s a real grassroots feel to the event and speakers share knowledge in a way that you just don’t experience at the more established conferences in the UK. One of the most actionable – and slickest – conferences I’ve attended.

    Stephen Kenwright


The Academy

The Academy is a live music venue situated on Middle Abbey Street. It is a unique city centre venue that offers 4 floors of entertainment of every kind to music lovers of every persuasion. It's cool, it's edgy and it's our home for the biggest Learn Inbound event of 2016.

Grab a drink, mingle with fellow inbound marketers and learn from the best in the industry.

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More Obligatory Thank Yous :)

Without these people and brands, our events simply wouldn’t take place. We’d be in tin cans, there’d be no beer, and there wouldn’t be much fun (seriously!).

If you’re interested in getting involved to assist with finances, donating swag for attendees or providing some snacks for the night, get in touch with the team for a chat.

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Learn Inbound is focused on providing you with a fun way to learn how to become better at marketing your business. From defining your strategy to executing your tactics, our aim is to make your life easier and your results better. We also want you to have great fun, so when the learning is done you can join everyone for a fantastic after party in The Academy!

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