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We LOVE inbound marketing. Plain and simple.

We’re trailblazing to round up the BEST inbound marketing experts in an effort to help advance your knowledge and fuel your professional growth. By combining the very best in speakers with an active and engaged community for you to get involved with, we’re trying to build something different around Learn Inbound.

From tactics and tools to campaigns and case studies, our talks will provide actionable information to help make you more efficient and more effective.

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Sources of wisdom

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    Welcome to Learn Inbound
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    CARA HARSHMAN Growth MarketingFormer Content Marketing Manager at Optimizely

    Presentation: Demystifying Website Personalization: The Building Blocks to Grow Your Business

    Description: Most websites are designed to be one-size-fits-all. We know that in reality web is anything but homogenous and our website visitors are incredibly diverse. Website personalization is a marketing strategy that allows you to create unique, valuable experiences that can explode your sales and grow your business. Personalizing your marketing may be a daunting idea right now, but after Cara breaks it down, you’ll realize why embracing it early will be transformative, highly lucrative, addicting, and not creepy.

    If you want to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing, you need to learn how to personalize your website for each user. The good news is, it’s easier than you think when you learn the fundamentals to website personalization.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The what and why of website personalization
    • Case studies highlighting how top brands are using personalization today
    • Common pitfalls to avoid and actionable tips to start delivering personalized website experiences

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    ANGIE SCHOTTMULLER Growth Marketing Growth Marketing Advisor

    Presentation: Growth Avengers: Uniting IT & Marketing Teams to Kicka$$

    Description: Should you dive deeper into a speciality or broaden your knowledge across disciplines? It's an ongoing challenge for every aspiring growth marketer. It can take years to build adequate cross-channel knowledge that fuels big-picture strategy. You'll get a full-stack in just 30 minutes! Angie will share 7 remarkable hybrid hacks -- deep insights that cross multiple disciplines of marketing technology. You'll gain simple, clever wins and technical game-changers proven to make a bigger impact for your organisation. With such ROI-potent strategies, you’re guaranteed to leave with a buzz!

    Key Takeaways:

    • How to identify “hybrid” optimization power plays for broader impact
    • Common mistakes of siloed marketing/technology teams (and how to fix them)
    • Clever, game-changing tactics that can be implemented with minimal effort

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    Short Break
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    KIERAN FLANAGAN Growth MarketingVP of Marketing at HubSpot

    Presentation: Creating Predictable Growth: How to find your Product-Channel Fit and Acquire Users that Stick Around

    Description: Growing an audience for a product is hard. Monetizing that audience can be even more challenging. This is why a lot of good products fail. Just focusing on finding product market fit isn't enough. You also need to consider your product-channel fit to not only determine how you're going to acquire users for your product but also those users who'll actually stick around and pay you money.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How successful companies hone in on finding their product-channel fit
    • The right way to run minimal viable tests in those channels and using data
    • How to identify the behaviors and trends of your most valuable users

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    Wrap Up
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"Learn Inbound is a fast-moving, high-energy event that manages to teach in one day what a lot of conferences take days to cover. Not a moment wasted! As a speaker, I loved the pace, the atmosphere and the vibe in general. I highly recommend any marketer attends Learn Inbound."

Joanna Wiebe


“Learn Inbound is a conference that ticks all the boxes for me. It is well organised, attracts a great lineup of speakers and above all, the audience are fantastic. The networking before and after the event was great with everyone sharing ideas and talking about campaigns they have run.”

Samantha Noble


“Learn Inbound does a phenomenal job. There’s a real grassroots feel to the event and speakers share knowledge in a way that you just don’t experience at the more established conferences in the UK. One of the most actionable – and slickest – conferences I’ve attended. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Kenwright

The Academy

The Academy is a live music venue situated on Middle Abbey Street. It is a unique city centre venue that offers 4 floors of entertainment of every kind to music lovers of every persuasion. It's cool, it's edgy and it's our home for the second Learn Inbound event of 2017.

Grab a drink, mingle with fellow inbound marketers and learn from the best in the industry.

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