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13th March 2023

Alex Hotel | Dublin

Alex Hotel | Dublin


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Andi Jarvis, Eximo

Andi Jarvis

Eximo Marketing


Marketing to Machines

As marketers and advertisers, we spend our time and energy crafting content, ads, and messaging. We try to convince people to believe our stories, prefer our brands, click our listings, engage, and convert. But people are only part of our audience. Increasingly, they’re not even the biggest part. Maybe they’re not even the most important part. Because to reach those people – to gain access to an audience and a market – we need to first convince systems, search engines and social sites that our brands and our content are a good fit. We need to market to machines. gives us access to a rich language for doing that, but barely anybody’s going beyond the basics. They’re chasing rich snippets and fancy search results, but missing the bigger picture. To access tomorrow’s markets, you’ll need to level up your structured data game. You’ll need to understand how to visualize connected data, build sophisticated entity graphs, and think like a search engine.

Jono Alderson


Getting executive buy-in for your work

Despite being close to customers, data and insight, marketers often struggle to get wider business buy-in for marketing initiatives and increased budgets/team sizes. This talk will cover how to build and present an argument to get budget and buy-in, how to demonstrate the value of TOFU marketing activities and how to confidently present to the C-suite to get the support you need to drive value.

Bethan Vincent

Open Velocity

How to create content campaigns which stand the test of time

If it’s good, content has the power to drive long-term search traffic. But what if I told you that great content has the power to build links organically for months and years to come? While journalists are looking for a hook and headline, users are looking for entertainment, an escape from reality, information and resources they can use. There is a way to appeal to both and reap the rewards for your website. In this talk, Jess, Content Team Lead at NeoMam Studios, will teach you how to spot ideas with longevity and create evergreen content campaigns that deliver all the juicy data without compromising on storytelling by walking you through the process from concept to creation.

Jessica Peace

NeoMam Studios

How to unlock the secrets of effortless keyword research with ChatGPT

Are you using ChatGPT yet? This talk will explore when and how you might use chat ChatGPT for keyword research. Discover the pros and cons of using it and avoid complete blind reliance on being reliant on ChatGPT alone for keyword research.

Dan Smullen

Morning Break

Why most Digital PR campaigns are missed opportunities and how to make sure yours is not!

Over the past two years demand for PR and digital PR services has erupted, with recent stats from the Content Marketing Institute reporting that 46% of businesses want to increase their content creation spending in 2022. With demand at an all-time high we are seeing more and more PR campaigns being produced. This may all sound positive, but most PR campaigns are currently working in silo’s, missing out collaborations with other marketing disciplines such as paid, content and SEO. Most of the PR campaigns we see being produced are missing out on delivering more results across more channels by simply not including them in their campaign execution. When a campaign includes, social media or content the results can increase tenfold, so why do people choose to not include these in their campaign plans? In this presentation, I will explain how to easily make your digital PR campaigns work across more channels and detail the results this can deliver The presentation will offer advice and key take-a-ways which can help the audience better the results their PR produces by including more channels and disciplines.

David White


🔍 Search, 💵 Sale, ☎️ RingRing, 🧾 Kerching - Metrics that matter in Local SEO

As marketers, local ranking reports are useful for tracking our clients’ organic visibility, as well as that of their competitors. But do they give us the insight we need to truly understand how our local SEO efforts are contributing to a client’s bottom line? Do they tell us which parts of the Google Business Profile are driving conversions? Do they provide the evidence we need to secure additional budget or resources for our local SEO work? Spoiler alert: no, they don’t! In this talk, Claire dives into the local SEO metrics that’ll finally help you do all of these things and more.

Claire Carlile


Marketing in a downturn

We’re all feeling the pinch. The gulp of dread when you pay for petrol, the panic when your electricity bill arrives and the surprise when shopping for your weekly groceries. It’s no secret that the cost of living is on the rise, and the fact that we’re feeling it so much in our personal lives means that your eCommerce customers are experiencing it too. Burying your head in the sand is not going to fix anything. Instead, it’s time to empathise with your audience, and understand how they are feeling and what this looks like when it comes to your specific products. It is time to get a plan in place so you can get ahead of any budget cut suggestions with clear plans of how you are going to tackle marketing in a downturn. In this talk, Becky, will take you through a model to categorise your audience and products. This model will then fuel your decision-making process to steer your marketing strategy for 2022/23. At the heart of every good strategy is customer empathy which can be supercharged with a slice of behavioural science, Becky will hand you the keys to look at your strategy with this news lens.

Becky Simms

Reflect Digital

Facebook Ads Surgery: Treating Sick Ads

There is sadly an epidemic of bad ads on Facebook & Instagram these days. In this session, Gil, who owns a performance marketing agency that oversaw over $18m in spend on the platforms last year, will take you through how to diagnose and treat these sick ads to help restore your ad account’s health. This talk will be packed with actionable tips and insights based on Gil’s 8+ years experience advertising on Facebook and working with brands like Volkswagen, Tui, Benetton, Ford and more so be sure to check it out!

Gil David


Lunch Break

Demonstrating the value of Google Ads in your marketing strategy

In this session, you will learn the value of PPC and where it fits into an overall marketing strategy. Too often, PPC is seen as expensive and inefficient. These are often common misconceptions from those who are generally single channel minded, or haven’t explored PPC in depth. In this talk, Azeem will demonstrate how to begin to accurately place PPC into an overall marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to overcome common objections about the channel, how to respond to views around investing less into PPC, and become more confident at addressing misconceptions about the channel – to improve your overall marketing strategies.

Azeem Ahmad


An introduction into GTM event tracking for GA4

Still getting to grips with GA4 and looking for practical, actionable guidance? This talk will help you implement GA4’s event tracking, including an example GTM setup. You will learn how to make the most of GA4’s new event capabilities, how to migrate your old events and goals into GA4’s new setup, and how to use these new events to create the perfect audiences for your Google Ads.

Anna Corbett

Base Creative

No more ping-pong tables. Leading high-performing teams in a hybrid work model

While lockdowns have pushed almost everyone into remote work, fast forward to 2023 and many of us still work from home, with an accessional visit to the office. This hybrid culture gives employees great opportunities, whether they work from their bedrooms or Bali. But as managers, how can we keep our teams motivated, engaged and growing? 
In her leadership talk, Anna will cover the most important ingredient of any successful business – the people. No matter if you work for a big company, or a small business, you will learn about a “secret sauce” that keeps people together – and how a 15-minute call every morning is the most important investment you should commit to this year.

Anna Pas


Afternoon Break

How to come up with creative campaign ideas when you're not creative

Luke will be running through his end to end process for coming up with award winning campaign ideas. This talk will go through research, validation, what makes a good idea and the finished products themselves. Giving you the formula to be able to come up with great ideas, even if you don’t consider yourself ‘creative’.

Luke Cope

Bottled Imagination

Getting more from less with Digital PR in 2023

As we kick start 2023 and the socio-economic environment is looking bleaker and bleaker, you’re probably going to start thinking about how you can make your budget work harder when it comes to digital PR and link building. It’s human nature to want more from less, right?! By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with tactics that will allow you to be able to re-purpose editorial content, re-evaluate your branded commentary and resurrect creative campaigns to help you land perfectly relevant, high-quality links for your brand that will positively influence key SEO metrics such as rankings and traffic. Spoiler alert: you don’t need 5 figure budgets, infinite time or big teams to bring these tips to life and ultimately drive business growth!

Shannon McGuirk


Closing Remarks

Andi Jarvis, Eximo

Andi Jarvis

Eximo Marketing


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