Alan Coleman


CEO, Wolfgang Digital

Alan fell in love with search marketing in 2007 while applying for a job in Google. He didn’t get the job but was so smitten with the marketing opportunity he taught himself “Google AdWords” and started a freelance business on his kitchen table. This has gone on to become Wolfgang Digital, a 60 person organisation, who are among Europe’s most awarded digital marketing agencies today.

Outside of the digital marketing agency Alan has enjoyed entrepreneurial adventures via Wolfgang’s online sex toy shop and is currently working on launching Wolfgang Forestry, a not for profit initiative addressing climate change via reforesting Ireland’s native woodlands. Alan enjoys hopping on every fad going: morning pages, mushroom tea, Wim Hoff breathing and fecal microbiota transplants are the flavour of 2019.


August 15th 201912:30pm
How To Outmarket Your Competition in The AI Era

Alan’s articles

​Excited about hearing Alan Coleman speak at Learn Inbound? We have pulled together some of his best ​articles, podcasts and interviews that we know you'll love.
Alan Coleman
Alan Coleman

What 5G Will Mean For Marketers

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Alan Coleman regularly speaks at digital marketing conferences around the world. Here are some of our favourite talks that you should check out.

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