Angie Schottmuller
Growth Marketing Advisor

About Angie Schottmuller

Edutainment at its big-80’s-hair best, Angie cleverly translates complex concepts into fun, actionable insights. Recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur as a “Top Online Marketing Expert to Follow,” she’s known for empowering attendees with cutting-edge strategies, free “power tools” (templates, scorecards, code snippets, etc.) and tactical takeaways that’ll catapult your team and marketing to the next level.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Angie will show you how to build adequate cross-channel knowledge that fuels big-picture strategy. You’ll get a full-stack in just 30 minutes! Angie will share 7 remarkable hybrid hacks — deep insights that cross multiple disciplines of marketing technology. You’ll gain simple, clever wins and technical game-changers proven to make a bigger impact for your organisation. With such ROI-potent strategies, you’re guaranteed to leave with a buzz!

Key Takeaways

  • How to identify “hybrid” optimization power plays for broader impact
  • Common mistakes of siloed marketing/technology teams (and how to fix them)
  • Clever, game-changing tactics that can be implemented with minimal effort

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