Barry Adams
Polemic Digital

About Barry Adams

Despite the anglophonic name, Barry Adams is a native Dutchman living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he’s established himself as the foremost SEO consultant in the country.

Barry’s been doing SEO in one form or another since 1998, which means he’s lost quite a bit of his sanity along the way. In 2014 Barry founded Polemic Digital, a specialised consultancy offering bespoke SEO services to clients across Ireland and beyond. Despite its relatively short existence to date, Polemic Digital already counts many of Northern Ireland’s largest brands among its clients.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Barry shows five real-life examples (or six, or maybe seven, who knows) of websites that have totally fucked up their technical SEO without even realising it. From redirect cockups to URL shenanigans, from crawl traps to server configurations, Barry is going to show some of the worst examples of technical SEO tomfoolery he’s come across.

Key Takeaways

  • A successful website is composed of good aesthetics (web design), usability (UX), and performance (marketing)
  • Technical SEO needs web developer input and should be built-in from the start
  • One piece of content should have one URL, and duplications should be fixed with 301-redirects or ‘rel=canonical’ tags
  • Respect Google’s crawl budget: optimise your load speed with time to first byte, total page weight and optimal transfer

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