About Barry Adams

Barry Adams has been building and ranking websites since 1998. Over the years he’s honed his skills in a wide range of businesses, from small agencies to Fortune 500 multinationals. In 2014 Barry founded specialised consultancy Polemic Digital, delivering specialised SEO services to clients such as the UK’s most-read newspaper The Sun and America’s most popular news channel Fox News. In 2016 his work was recognised with two UK Search Awards, including Best Small SEO Agency.

In addition to his consulting work, Barry lectures on SEO and digital marketing for Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, and the Digital Marketing Institute. He travels the world to speak at digital conferences in London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Milan, New York, and Las Vegas. Barry also serves as Co-Chief Editor at award-winning European digital marketing blog State of Digital and is on the judging panel for the annual European and US Search Awards.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Barry shares some of the most interesting technical SEO conundrums he’s come across in the wild, and show you what was fixed – and why – to improve the site’s crawling, indexing, and ranking in search engines. From small oversights that had a huge impact, to major disasters that took a long time to unravel, Barry showcases the ugly truth of technical SEO mishaps and how you can ensure you’ll never make those errors.

Key Takeaways