Bridget Randolph

About Bridget Randolph

Bridget Randolph is an online marketing consultant and SEO specialist with London digital agency Distilled. A graduate of the University of Oxford with an MSc. in Social Anthropology, she is a regular contributor to various industry publications, writing for sites such as Distilled, Moz, and SEO Chicks. Her clients span several industries including B2B, publishing, consumer brands, financial services.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Bridget takes a look at the history of mobile search, how mobile search behaviour has impacted on desktop search, the growing significance of app content and developments such as AMP and app streaming within the search marketing landscape, and some thoughts on where the future of search could be heading.

Key Takeaways

  • You should use AMP if you want wider distribution of your content and if a high amount of your traffic is mobile, especially if you make a lot of editorial content.
  • Work on passing the mobile-friendliness tests: use the Mobile Friendly Testing Tool, Search Console Reports and the separate tab within the Page Speed Insights tool; to check URLs in bulk, use URL Profiler.
  • Even though mobile apps seem to offer lots of benefits for the business before you choose to develop one, think whether your app would add convenience, provide unique and/or social value, offer incentives or entertain!

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