About Cara Harshman

The former Content Marketing Manager and Blog Editor at Optimizely, Cara Harshman is a preeminent voice in A/B testing and website personalization. She wrote the book A/B Testing on behalf of Optimizely’s co-founders and has spoken around the world. She dislikes writing autobiographical paragraphs but loves telling stories to live and digital audiences.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Cara will explain how website personalization is a marketing strategy that allows you to create unique, valuable experiences that can explode your sales and grow your business. Personalizing your marketing may be a daunting idea right now, but after Cara breaks it down, you’ll realize why embracing it early will be transformative, highly lucrative, addicting, and not creepy. If you want to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing, you need to learn how to personalize your website for each user.

Key Takeaways