About Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman specializes in app search marketing, with a focus on strategic deep linking, app indexing, app launch strategy, app store optimization (ASO), JavaScript-based web apps, and Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWAs). Emily has spoken about mobile application marketing at national and international conferences and has collaborated with major US brands on their mobile marketing and mobile app strategies. Emily was one of the original employees at Double Encore, Inc, one of the first native application development agencies (acquired by WPP’s POSSIBLE in 2014).

In her Learn Inbound talk, Emily will discuss how marketers should be measuring, auditing, and optimising performance for the greatest impact in their organisation. The speed at which users can load and use your website can have a critical impact on your marketing initiatives and your bottom line. Now that web traffic is dominated by mobile devices with unique connectivity issues, delivering fast web experiences can be more difficult than ever. However, this also presents an incredible opportunity for your business to distinguish itself from its competitors by investing in performance improvements.

Key Takeaways