Hannah Smith
Verve Search

About Hannah Smith

Hannah spent 7 years working in offline marketing until her fairy godmother told her that the internet was the future. Not one to ignore such sage advice Hannah made the switch to online. Today she’s the Head of Creative at Verve Search where she passionately pursues her love of writing. Having spoken at various conferences, both in the UK and abroad including MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, & The Content Marketing Show, Hannah is well known in the industry for her straight-talking style and reams of energy. She also writes on Moz, Distilled, State of Digital & SEO Chicks.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Hannah will teach you how to build a time machine, and explore other ways to create content which resonates.

Key Takeaways

  • When a piece of content fails, it’s usually because it’s shallow, patronising, confusing doesn’t deliver what it promised, isn’t relatable and just doesn’t resonate
  • On social media, we take actions of either crying for attention or defining ourselves to others, and that’s how we decide what to share
  • People share nostalgic content because the way they grew up is what shaped them to who they are today
  • To achieve this with your content, make it polarising, make people see things more clearly, give people hope, or make it cause-related
  • Be curious, don’t be lazy and don’t get distracted by formats

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