Kieran Flanagan

About Kieran Flanagan

Kieran is currently a VP of Marketing at HubSpot, responsible for leading the marketing efforts for our sales products, free tools and growth team. Before working in HubSpot, he was at Marketo working on their marketing in EMEA and prior to that he worked in as their Inbound marketing manager for EMEA. In that role, he launched their #SocialSuccess site in the UK, which reached its annual traffic target in 6 weeks. The site has since been launched in Germany, France and Japan.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Kieran discusses audience acquisition tactics that businesses of all sizes can use to ensure the work they’re doing leads to continual growth spurts.

Key Takeaways

  • You need to focus on the right targets. Small marketing teams are often guilty of trying to focus on too many targets at once.
  • You can easily find out who your competitors are with SEMrush. Find both common and uncommon keywords you can target, and identify what organic keywords are generating traffic for your competitors.
  • You can use Ahrefs to find out what content is attracting inbound likes and social shares for your competitors. BuzzSumo is also incredibly powerful at showing you the types of content that are performing best for them.
  • Run brainstorm sessions using Google Docs to gather ideas from insights. 30 minute brainstorms with everyone set to anonymous will make people feel more open to contributing any ideas they may have.

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