About Kieran Flanagan

Kieran is currently a VP of Marketing at HubSpot, responsible for leading the marketing efforts for sales products, free tools and growth team.

Before working in HubSpot, he was at Marketo working on their marketing in EMEA and prior to that he worked in Salesforce.com as their Inbound marketing manager for EMEA. In that role, he launched their #SocialSuccess site in the UK, which reached its annual traffic target in 6 weeks. The site has since been launched in Germany, France and Japan. Kieran also worked as a Head of Search for a leading Irish digital agency where one of his campaigns won Gold in the UK DMA’s for the best search marketing campaign.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Kieran explains why you need to consider your product-channel fit to not only determine how you’re going to acquire users for your product but also those users who’ll actually stick around and pay you money.

Key Takeaways