Kirsty Hulse
Many Minds

About Kirsty Hulse

With a decade’s experience in digital marketing, Kirsty has a wide range of experience developing integrated search strategies that tap into consumer behaviour and drive conversion. As the founder of Manyminds, she helps brands access some of the best digital talent in the world.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Kirsty talks about how content marketing is a hugely important part of any digital strategy and how many brands are now successfully adopting content first approaches to their business. Does this mean that sometimes we’re not giving users the snappy, conversation focused content they’re actually looking for? Are we ignoring user intent and placing too much focus on information instead of providing what the user wants to achieve? And are we wrongly focusing our efforts on content over conversion?

Key Takeaways

  • Optimise your editorial content for conversion.Generally, this will be your old blog posts, so take a look to see which posts are driving traffic and whether there are any opportunities.
  • Don’t hide your Call to Actions! Make it clear what the customer should do next – contact you, buy here etc.
  • Signpost your product pages so that the customer can easily see where to go next should they wish to purchase.

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