About Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, Inc. a provider of chatbots for mobile marketers. He’s also the Founder of WordStream, the World’s largest PPC management software company, managing $1 Billion in ad spend for over 10,000 customers worldwide and employing over 200 people. Larry’s blogs on marketing and entrepreneurship are read by millions of people every month. In 2015, he won Search Marketer of the Year from PPC Hero, Search Engine Land, and the US Search Awards.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Larry reverse engineers how RankBrain and other Google machine language algos actually work, exposing various critical vulnerabilities. And he shares unusual, completely white-hat ways to greatly benefit from future algo updates. The biggest SEO ranking factor shift of all time is now underway, moving away from links and keywords towards Rankbrain user engagement signals. Watch this session if you want your rankings to live. Join the resistance today!

Key Takeaways