Laura Crimmons

About Laura Crimmons

Laura is the Founder of Silverthorn, a PR, Social & Content agency that sparks conversations and engagement to get brands talked about in all the right places. She won PR Moment’s Young Professional of the Year 2017, was named in The Drum’s 2017 50 Women in Digital Under 30 and was shortlisted for the CIPR’s Outstanding Young Communicator 2017. Laura has led campaigns that have gained coverage by top international publishers such as BBC, Mashable, Daily Mail and many more.

In her Learn Inbound talk, Laura shares how to get more bang for your buck by making your campaigns work harder and generate more links, coverage and overall engagement. Rather than just creating one moment to outreach with a campaign, Laura shows how you can get multiple bites of the cherry with each campaign that you create, ultimately delivering more value from your campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  • Know your audience and do the research. If you want your piece to take off, you need to think carefully about the topic, format and how it’s distributed.

  • Evergreen and multi-channel will allow you to squeeze more value from your ideas.
  • Audit previous campaigns to identify what worked and what could be used as a foundation for your next campaign. You don’t need to break new ground every time.

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