Lisa Myers
Verve Search

About Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers is the CEO and founder of award-winning international SEO and content marketing agency Verve Search, based in London.

Lisa has been working in marketing since 2001, and in SEO since 2005. She is a regular speaker at digital marketing conferences worldwide, and contributes regularly to the digital marketing press, both on and offline, as well as authoring several best practice guides and white papers for industry associations including eConsultancy. She is also the founder of Women in Search and co-founded (now known as State of Digital.)

In her Learn Inbound talk, Lisa showcases some of Verve Search’s award-winning creative campaigns that have generated the big links. She also shares the “secret” to creating these successful campaigns, which might not be what you think…

Key Takeaways

  • You need to “attract rather than sell” by “MAKING GOOD SHIT”. Generate the best content you possibly can and then your audience will be intrigued.
  • Coming up with great ideas is dependent on hiring the right people and training them in the right way to think creatively.
  • It’s how you think that makes the difference about whether you’re going to succeed or not.
  • It’s very important to believe in what you do. If you’re determined about getting big links then you will probably get them.

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