About Paddy Moogan

Paddy is co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes specialising in SEO, PPC and content-driven digital PR. He has been working in SEO for over 10 years since getting bored studying for his Law degree at Coventry Uni and deciding to build websites instead. He now runs a team of 29 at Aira, working with companies from SMEs to FTSE100 companies.

In his Learn Inbound talk, Paddy explains that when it comes to content-driven link building, we only ever seem to see two ends of the scale – a viral sensation, talked about at every conference ever, or the campaign flop and what we can learn from it. These are great, but what about all of the ones that do just ok or do well but not quite hit it out of the park? In this session, Paddy shares data from all of the content campaigns that Aira have launched, good, bad and ok, along with all of the links they have built, along with learnings from all of them and what you can do to improve your own campaigns.

Key Takeaways