Stephen Kenwright

About Stephen Kenwright

Stephen is Director of Search at St. Ives Group-owned Branded3 – the best large SEO agency in Europe according to the 2016 judges of the EU Search Awards – and is responsible for search and analytics. Writing weekly for the Drum Magazine, Stephen has presented at more than 100 industry events since joining B3 in 2012 and now organises the SearchLeeds conference, hosting hundreds of marketers from around Europe every year.

In his Learn Inbound talk, he takes a look at how businesses of all sizes can benefit from great search visibility by being comprehensive and thinking about the intention of the searcher.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t chase keywords with the content and pages you create – chase customers instead. Your aim should be to end the search by providing the most comprehensive resource possible.
  • What Google really looks for in a website or brand online is expertise, authority and trust.  Small businesses will typically struggle with authority and trust, so they should focus on demonstrating the areas they have a great deal of knowledge in.
  • Build content around topics. Every page you build needs to be more comprehensive than other resources like Wikipedia which typically ranks very high for most search terms.

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