Learn Inbound blog: Editorial guidelines

If you’re on this page, we’re hoping it’s because you’re interested in writing a post for the Learn Inbound blog. We welcome guest submissions, and there’s always the possibility to become a frequent contributor to the blog.

Our blog is a reflection of our community, and the Learn Inbound ethos to provide the best training and education to help people be better marketers. Read the guidelines below to get a better idea of the type of content we’re looking to publish. Then get in touch!

Our objective: Learn Inbound is all about growing a robust digital marketing community in Ireland and beyond. Our blog shares best practice digital marketing tips and offers our community members a chance to grow their profile.

Our audience: Our community is made up of digital marketers who work for startups and large-scale corporates. Learn Inbound members are looking for advanced marketing techniques to increase their skills and grow the brands they work for.

Topic approval: If you’d like to write for the Learn Inbound blog, send our editor (email address is at the bottom of this page) your topic idea. Please include a synopsis of what the blog post will be about.

Examples of some of our best performing blog posts include:

1) How To Create High Performing Retargeting Sequences Using Facebook Ads

2) A Comprehensive Guide To Improving Your Customer Feedback Survey Analysis

3) How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Digital Marketing Event

4) How to Create A Contact Page That Generates Leads

5) 6 Essential Personalisation Tools to Tailor Your Funnel for Inbound

Our link policy: We are happy to link back to our writers’ own websites and/or LinkedIn profiles. We also appreciate internal links to some of our content.

Style and formatting advice: Once you receive topic approval, please follow the tips below when you write your blog:

1) Be clear in what you want to say (short sentences work wonders)

2) Break up text with headings

3) Include bullet points

4) Average posts are 1,500 – 3,000 words

Our re-posting policy: We ask our writers to submit unique and original content for the Learn Inbound blog. Once we have published your post, you’re welcome to share and post the Learn Inbound link on your social media profiles or personal website. In fact, we encourage it!

You can contact our Blog Editor (Claire Mason) by emailing [email protected].