The Fallacy of Always Being Busy

Work Harder

As digital marketers, we’re often guilty of being “busy”. Our brains are somewhat wired to never miss a beat, to stay in the loop of ever evolving trends and developments. Here’s the reality though: your brain needs a recharge period from being “always on”. Read on to learn the reasons why.

How I Scored A Great Full-Time Job in Marketing via Twitter

Coffee Mug and MacBook

It’s no secret that searching for a job takes a lot of time and energy. The big question that may be on your mind if you think of Twitter primarily as a tool for personal use, is this: “How can you use Twitter to search for a job?”

How to Ace Your Next Digital Marketing Interview

You’ve managed to woo the hiring manager and now you’ve reached the next stage in the journey to your dream digital role. Get over the euphoria and start the preparations for the interview following these six simple steps.

The Anatomy of a Winning Inbound Marketing CV

As an inbound marketer you need to be a master of multiple skills but only have a short space to make a big impact. We’ll show you how to craft a winning CV that shows what hiring managers want and showcases your key achievements.

10 Simple Tips to Kick-Off Your Inbound Marketing Career

You want to be an inbound marketer, but you’re not sure where to start or how to convince that perfect employer that you’re the one they need when you still don’t have the experience? We’re bringing you 10 easy tips to get you started!