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Timothy Grooms
5 min read

The Not-So-Subtle Art of Google Copywriting – How to Write Google Ad Copy That Converts

So you launched your Google Ad campaigns, but several weeks later, they’re still not generating any results. What went wrong? The answer is Google Ad copy. Here are 7 things you can do to write Google Ads that help you stand out in a good way and make your competition jealous of your click through rates.

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Gus Ryan
9 min read

Words Are Not Enough // Using Biology To Create Powerful Content

Wondering how to spark people’s interest with your marketing strategies? Through the use of images, videos and a compelling story, you can stimulate a person’s brain to create an emotional connection with them. Good storytelling helps to transform the customer journey from selling products/services to “creating experiences” for audiences.

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James Hubbard
18 min read

How To Use Tools To Improve Your SEO Audits

Regular SEO audits are imperative for monitoring the health of a website. Large websites may have tens of even hundreds of staff making regular changes to the code, content and user experience. In this guide, you’ll learn several key stages to the audit process and some of the tools at your disposal to help you and your team monitor the SEO-health of your sites.

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Victor Blasco
7 min read

7 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Video’s Performance

From choosing the right videos and platforms to taking care of seemingly little details, you have to take care of several SEO-related tasks to improve your video content performance and make the most out of its marketing potential. Here are a few of the most important ones to keep in mind.

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Kristen Bowie
8 min read

How To Set Up a Remarketing Audience For Your Startup

There are many ways to harness the power of remarketing for your startup. However, there is one extremely powerful way that you’re likely missing out on: Google Analytics Remarketing. It’s surprising, but GA remarketing is incredibly underutilized by the majority of acquisition marketing despite its cost-effectiveness.

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Dan Smullen
12 min read

How to Scale Organic Traffic Growth with Internal Architecture SEO

In this internal architecture SEO guide, Dan Smullen examines how large websites can scale their organic traffic by simply connecting all of their webpages 3 clicks away from their homepage. He also investigates one of the leading property websites in the UK, and attempt to unveil how they scale up their organic traffic.

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Eve Smith
7 min read

Why We Love Closed-loop Marketing (And You Should Too)

If you’re looking for a solution that proves marketing’s value, impact on the business, and the amount of revenue generated, then it’s time to look into closed-loop marketing.​ Because it ties revenue back to your marketing channel, you can investigate which channels are driving real business value.​

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Dave Bell
10 min read

How to Start Maximising App Impressions & Conversions

​If you’re not using App Store Optimisation (ASO) to improve your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest channel available to your app. With over 2 million mobile apps available in the major app stores, making your app discoverable is one of the biggest challenges facing mobile app publishers today.

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Alexander J Porter
7 min read

How to Rebuild Your Brand After a PR Crisis

Not all publicity is good publicity. Whether you’re a startup or a well established company, you may find yourself in a PR crisis that seems overwhelmingly difficult to get yourself out of. The following steps should help you to move forward from a PR crisis and gain the trust of your audience again.

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Jaykishan Panchal
8 min read

Your Ability to Interact with Online Feedback Impacts Your Brand: Here’s How to Do it!

With the growing importance on responses to reviews, a scathing review is not the grim reaper to a business. Companies are now rewarded for stating their case and working to resolve issues in a public arena. If done carefully, the response can turn a negative into a positive. Let’s go over the basics of how to do this.

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