What High-Converting Lead Generation Forms Have in Common

Lead Generation Forms

Too often, forms are an afterthought to an otherwise well-considered landing page. In this article, we’ll show you how to increase form conversion rates and we’ll discuss landing page best practices. We’ll also give you some examples of high-converting landing page templates to help you create the best lead capture forms.

A Slow Website Loses You Money

Every business wants their website to deliver an unbeatable user experience. A website that delights new or returning customers is likely to outperform one that does not. Today’s buyers are impatient and want everything immediately, so the longer you make them wait, the more interest they lose in you. Here’s how to measure and fix your page load speeds.

How To Create A Contact Page That Generates Leads

Are you paying enough attention to your contact page? For most businesses, the goal of this page is to convert site visitors into leads. However, if you haven’t invested enough time into crafting the perfect page, you may be encouraging visitors to bounce away on to your competitor’s site instead.

8 Essential Components of a Successful Landing Page

There are some essential components of a successful landing page, and all of them need to work together in order to convert. That’s not an easy task! We’ve broken down an effective landing page so you can follow along and build your own.