Why PR is Outbound Sales

PR is sales

Before you build media lists, or craft pitches, or target journalists, you need to understand that PR shares a lot of traits with outbound selling. After all, it’s through the initial sales approach to media relations that you’ll build the highly prized one-to-one relationships. And these will make your job much easier!

How to Rebuild Your Brand After a PR Crisis

Not all publicity is good publicity. Whether you’re a startup or a well established company, you may find yourself in a PR crisis that seems overwhelmingly difficult to get yourself out of. The following steps should help you to move forward from a PR crisis and gain the trust of your audience again.

What Jason Lemkin, SaaStr Founder, Got Right and Wrong About SaaS PR


Jason Lemkin, founder of SaaStr, has had varied experiences with PR professionals. And he’s been fired by three PR firms! As such, he’s got a specific point of view on what PR can deliver for a SaaS brand. Claire Mason shares how exactly to make PR deliver leads and revenue for SaaS companies.

Building A Beginner PR Stack With (Nearly) No Budget

Build PR Stack

Like every other form of marketing, PR has changed a lot in recent years. And, like every other form of marketing, various tools and processes have sprung up to tackle any new challenges presented. To help you implement a cost-effective and successful PR strategy, we have shared our PR stack that should help make your life as a PR a little easier.

How Startups Can Win at PR

Media Coverage

PR is often one of the most underappreciated, underrated and misunderstood functions in startups. Exposure doesn’t happen by chance, but many company founders believe that a PR machine can be switched on to get coverage at any time. If you want to create a memorable brand story, you need to execute a great PR strategy.