Kas Szatylowicz
7 min read

Here’s How To Perform an Effective SEO Content Audit In 2019

When was the last time you ran a content audit? As many SEOs and content marketers know, they can bring more performance, better rankings, conversions, and ultimately, revenue from the content published on your website. They may be complex and require a detailed process, but if you really want to get the most out of your SEO and content marketing efforts, you should run an audit from time to time.

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Bronte Gooley
4 min read

Voice Search & the Google SERP: The Implications on Ranking & Strategies to Rank in Voice Search

Back in 2011 when Siri was first introduced, the technology seemed like a novelty to the average consumer. ​However, since then, the adoption of voice search has grown significantly with Amazon and Google battling to lead the emerging voice-first world. So how do we as digital marketers adapt​?

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Ian Booth
11 min read

A Slow Website Loses You Money

Every business wants their website to deliver an unbeatable user experience. A website that delights new or returning customers is likely to outperform one that does not. Today’s buyers are impatient and want everything immediately, so the longer you make them wait, the more interest they lose in you. Here’s how to measure and fix your page load speeds.

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Gustavo Pelogia
2 min read

How To Have Google Search Operators As Bookmarks In Your Browser

Some Google search operators are part of the day-to-day of SEOs. Do you often need to check when a page was last crawled and how many pages of a domain are in Google’s index (using “site”)? If so this will be helpful for you.

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Barry Adams
10 min read

Technical SEO is Absolutely Necessary

You may sometimes hear that social authority and great content are now enough to succeed with SEO, which discredits the importance of technical SEO. Having rudimentary technical knowledge isn’t optional for SEOs anymore – here’s why!

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Ross Lauder
6 min read

The Five Critical Elements of a Successful Business Website

A successful business website is much more than just a pretty one. Functional design, effective SEO and clear call-to-actions are just a few of the key elements. We’ve broken them down for you so you can set yourself up for success!

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Mark Scully
8 min read

Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing Terminology

What is inbound marketing? In this guide, we’re stripping it back to basics and going deep into the value of inbound marketing, its elements and specifics. We’re also bringing you an ultimale glossary of the key inbound marketing terms!

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Mark Scully
6 min read

How To Create A Simple Inbound Marketing Strategy

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of actions you need to take to build your inbound marketing strategy? It shouldn’t be that way. That’s why this time we’re bringing you three things you need to do to attract, convert, close and delight!

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Stephen Kenwright
5 min read

8 Cheap Inbound Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

If you’re an inbound marketer, you definitely need some tools to make your life simple. We know it’s difficult to find the best ones with so many options, so here are the top (and cheap!) browser extensions, crawlers and SEO tools we love!

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Mark Scully
3 min read

Friday Night Takeaway: Whiteboard Friday, #AskPH & Productive Commuting

New Friday = new roundup! This week, our three favourite pieces of content were Rand’s Whiteboard Friday on core mechanics of SEO, #AskPH video series, and a handy guide to making your morning commute super productive. Ready, set, go!

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