We can all relate to the struggle: inbound marketing can make you feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Sometimes, it’s the two-hour meetings that a single email could cover; other times, it’s your colleague that keeps poking your shoulder every few minutes or a phone that simply won’t stay quiet.

I bet there’s a to-do list floating somewhere on your desk. You get one task done, your boss adds three new ones. When the week’s over, the only thing you know is you’ve been really busy, but you can’t really point out an achievement. How could you get anything done with so many distractions and time-wasters, anyway?

And all you really want is to be that kickass inbound marketer, without going crazy in the process. It’s time for productivity hacks!

Simplify the Process of Feeding the Content Monster

Content Monster

It’s literally a monster. With content being so important, you can’t really afford to slip up when managing your content strategy. Both content creation and finding great pieces from industry leaders can take forever (and we’re guessing you don’t really have that long, right?).

But then again, there are so many other things you need to look after, including those meetings, notifications and distracting people. It’s quite literally impossible to also scroll through your Twitter feed and read through every blog that might have some great new posts.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to keep your content and social game strong!

Build Rock-Solid Twitter Lists:

Go through the list of Twitter accounts you’re following and add each (yes, all of them!) to a list that defines it (e.g. inbound marketing speakers, mobile marketing experts, social media influencers…).

Follow Top Blogs Through Feedly:

Save Great Content You Find to Pocket:


Confused Employee

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that being spread across 15 tasks at once means you’re super productive – it only means you’re incredibly overloaded with work. Do you really get to focus on anything when jumping from emails to writing to answering phone calls to emails again?

Instead, aim for the state of flow: when you reach it, you can deeply focus on your work, forget and exclude all potential interruptions and actually enjoy your creativity and the entire process. Hint: it will make you happier and your results better. Your boss sure won’t complain to that!

Schedule Blocks of Your Productive Time Ahead:

Make Yourself Literally Unavailable:

Follow the ‘Single Tab Rule’:


Effective Planning

The most frustrating thing that can happen when working in a team is a task being done twice, or worse – not being done at all. Without implemented tools and planning strategies, even the most productive teams get side-tracked.

Avoid that by using one of the tools we love (or even better – a combination of them).

Google Calendar is Far From Basic:

Be a Project Hero With Trello and Asana:

CoSchedule Will Turn You Into a Pro:

Stay On Top of Your Analytics Game:

That’s it – we’ve given you some new ways to boost your productivity and some tools to help you along the way. Hopefully, you will now be able to work more focused and bring your inbound game to a new level! Have you been using any of these tips? Are there any tips you would add to this list?

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