11 Tips to Pivot Your Offline Marketing Event Online

Online Events

The competition for attention in the online space has become fierce. Should you decide to pivot your offline marketing event online, it’s now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.​ Learn how to pitch and plan the perfect virtual event to convince your audience to pay for a ticket amidst the hundreds of free events and webinars already available.​

How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Digital Marketing Event

Digital Marketing Conference Attendees

Digital marketing events can be expensive. You need to get the budget signed off by your manager, agree on time out of the office, and put on hold any projects you’re working on. The quickest way to throw away money is to go to an event without a plan. Here are some steps to take before, during and after it.

An Introvert’s Survival Guide To Networking At Marketing Events

Networking Events

As introverts, we need to understand what we’re good at and feel most comfortable doing. Are you thinking about attending a marketing event? Here are some networking tips that can help you take advantage of your introversion – rather than fight against it.

Guide For Marketers Visiting Dublin For A Conference

Dublin at night

With new events and new dates popping up daily, you definitely want to be prepared for a day (or a few) in Dublin to make the most out of it. If you’re a marketer, this guide to getting about and what’s happening in the city is for you.

10 Tips on How To Be A Networking Pro At Your Next Event

You’ve found a digital marketing event, bought your ticket and finalised your travel arrangements – but now what? To help you to become a networking pro, we’ve compiled our top tips to make you more appealing to both attendees and speakers.